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A Constable forever, or at least until they fit him up, then.
ymb, They would have more sense than that considering that he has been the subject of discrimination.
Great news, glad this has bee resolved - am sure he'll make a fine Police officer.
Now he knows what it's like to be discriminated against, perhaps he'll do a better job than many cops when dealing with blacks and gays.
Question Author
I wonder why there has been no arrests for discrimination?

That's very good news isn't it.

I'm, personally, more interested why someone with a degree in partical physics wants to be a copper. Or, conversely, why someone who always wanted to be a copper did a degree in PP

//Action has been taken to change some of our processes and take account of the hearing's result.//

Presumably they intend to keep discriminating against people, but the change will be to avoid telling people they've been discriminated against.
Question Author

Would that be by White cops or Asian cops?
Zacs....this is very common today as anyone with such qualifications is "Fast Tracked" through the ranks.
It doesn't matter what your degree is get fast tracked.
Good news, well done him.
Oh of course, Sqad. Forgot that.
Excellent. Now that's all over I hear a rumour he's now looking forward to starting his transitioning journey.
I thought nearly everyone went to university and got a degree these days. Do they fast track them all ?
Question Author

Always best to keep more eggs in one's basket, especially if one is likely to be discriminated against obtaining the particular career, one wishes to follow.
Very wise. What options did you have, AOG? Air Vice Marshall / head of race relations, perhaps?
//I'm, personally, more interested why someone with a degree in partical physics wants to be a copper.//

Simple Zacs,
I knew a PC who joined the Met and arrived at Harrow Road straight from university with a degree in Agricultural Science. He was fast tracked on to the Accelerated Promotion Scheme and before you could say hello,hello,hello he was whisked off to Bramshill Police College and about a year was back at a nick in the Met as a Police Inspector. Practical street duty policing knowledge ? Zilch. We often wondered why a degree in AS would be an asset to the Met but he probably earned a darn sight more as he was fast tracked up the ranks than a Agricultural scientist would.
Perhaps my younger son should sue the Met for discrimination.At the time he wanted to join he was also told that they were only accepting gay and ethnic recruits as they had H.O. targets to reach. :-( Likewise the LFB. He was told they only recruited white heterosexual men every two years whilst any one else could apply any time they liked.
Retro, when I took my Sergeants exam I passed with enough marks to go on the accelerate promotion course.My superintendant told me that, although I qualified, I was too old,should I have claimed discrimination?
Thar Super's guilty of ageism to.
Retro, but you know as well as I do that in those days supers were like gods and it was not the done thing to complain about anything.I am talking about the 60's of course.

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White Heterosexual Male Police Recruit Wins His Case Against Discrimination.

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