....and The Final Betrayal Arrives From Treason.....

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ToraToraTora | 16:44 Tue 21st May 2019 | News
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So the HOQ will reject the deal, they'll agree to another vote which means they'll have to withdraw A50 and wallop we are shackled to the EUSSR forever. I just wich they'd been honest from the start. You can have the referendum but we'll only accept remain. What a shower of treacherous quislings.


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Surely we wouldn’t need another referendum if they back the withdrawal bill?
But nobody (not enough anyway) wants this particular withdrawal...some just want the vote, some just want to leave but not leave in name only.

So basically it is a *** joke an absolute joke.
//So basically it is a *** joke an absolute joke.//

... from the beginning.
This bribe has all the class of a second hand car dealer offering some free furry dice. And that’s from a remainer.
So we’ve been stitched up like a kipper from the outset.
This disgusting despicable government of shysters will become infamous in the history books. But, they will probably rewrite them as well.
Seems to me to be another chance to reject no Brexit.

But PMs and cabinet ministers do like to use Newspeak in the hope of persuading the gullible, and getting their own way.
davidsmall, it isn’t just the despicable government – it’s practically the whole kit and caboodle. You’d be hard pushed to find an honest one among them.
It's certainly an imaginative attempt to win back support from Brexiteers.
'imaginative'. That's a new one.
Not that new, surely? Stole it straight from Yes Minister.

Perhaps I should say it's courageous, rather than merely imaginative :P
More lies.
More lies from whom this time?
All the 'remainer' MP's, including mine - Helen (Traitor) Jones ??
Let's just say the vocal remainers, Jim. This is neither imaginative nor courageous. The whole thing is a lie.
Yeah, I mean... was that not sort of the point of calling it "courageous" and "imaginative"?

Just had a leaflet through the door from the Liberal Democrats asking me to support blocking Brexit.
How can they call themselves Democrats when they want to overturn the result of a democratically held vote? Madness.
Because a democratic vote to override an older democratic vote is still a democratic vote.
Not when the first democratic vote has not been achieved and the second is just a case of, "You gave the wrong answer, so you must vote again", it's not. It's a blatant attempt to manipulate and thwart democracy.
Eh, it's better to stop something before it starts if it's expected to be so detrimental. It's a flawed principle to insist that everything must be done before it can be undone.

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....and The Final Betrayal Arrives From Treason.....

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