Jamie Oliver Restaurants Go Bust

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cassa333 | 12:16 Tue 21st May 2019 | News
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Personally I’ve never been to be but my OH has and he said for what you get they were over priced.

It’s a shame it’s gone under and especially for the workforce.

As the owner he had to put a lot of work into it and I understand he even remortgaged a couple of years ago when they got into difficulty. So from that point of view it’s a shame for him and his family as well.

However when you expand on your name things do somethings eventually go titties up. He can’t blame Brexit (well he can try) because it is all about customers moving on to the next bit thing and trying something new.


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//He can’t blame Brexit (well he can try)//
Where has he tried too? Why even bring that into it?
He is,apparently,a rabid remainer and stated he would leave the UK if we left the EU. I have no doubt ,in my mind, he will blame Brexit.
You couldn’t make it up.
Well, you could actually
A shame for the staff, but he’s got plenty of money of his own left. He’ll be ok.
This has to be an all-time record for starting a rammy in an unrelated post.

Some folk need to take a breath.
Little to do with customers moving on to the next big thing. More to do with it being a very tough time on the high street generally, especially for foodie places. There has been an explosion of outlets over the last 10/15 years which was unsustainable (more restaurant seats than people to occupy them). Declining footfall is also a factor as less people visit towns and cities due to online shopping.
I like Jamie Oliver, but I'm afraid the restaurants just simply weren't very good.

I can remember going to one a few years ago, and the service was so brisk that my wife and I had starters and mains and were in and out in 45 minutes, and it was very clear they were eager to free-up the table as soon as they possibly could.

I distinctly remember having the special that day, which was Mackerel, which I adore, but it was only when the bill came that I clocked the price; £21 for one of the cheapest fish in the sea.

It is a great shame, but people tend to vote with their feet. If they don't feel they've had value for money, and/or the service wasn't great, and/or the food wasn't great (actually the food wasn't too bad) people will rarely go back.
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Because he has blamed Brexit before now. He was very vocal about it a year or so back when he had to close some of his restaurants I think that was around the time he remortgaged.
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I also agree with Zac. Footfall is down around all shopping locations (except Lidl perhaps but they are unlikely to have Jamie’s Kitchen lol). More people shop online including for food and to go out is still seen as a treat rather than the norm (outside London that is) and voting with your feet when it’s over priced just for the name on the door doesn’t cut it any more.
Actually, Brexit may be a small factor. People are very unsure of the future finances of the country. It's already affecting the travel industry.
I'm sure he'll be fine. He certainly won't be on the bread line.
I went to one of his restaurants once. Vastly over-rated. There's a lot of competition on the high street.
as was mentioned, over priced and small portions, i tend to go to pubs
that have atmosphere old world look now, and reasonable food prices.
i have noticed in big chains they try to shuffle you out asap after meal
i like to have a drink and conversation.
I am sorry for his workforce but he has been so gobby about what people should and should not eat, especially about the sugar levy business that I can't help feeling a touch of schadenfreude.....I'd feel more than a touch if he ended up penniless.
He won't end up penniless. He has lots of irons in lots of fires.
at a supposed net worth of £240 million he has room to manoeuvre
Yes, a shame for the staff.

But Mr Oliver is a really good manifestation of "The Emperor's New Clothes". He has been getting away with murder in his restaurants for donkeys' years, selling second rate fayre in deflated portions at inflated prices. People initially flocked to them not because they were good but because he told them they were and they didn't like to appear "uneducated". He may or may not be a good cook - I wouldn't know. But I visited one of his restaurants on two occasions and both experiences were underwhelmingly poor. I get better food and service at my local pub for a third of the price.

His restaurant chain has been hovering on the brink for a good while and whilst I don't know whether or not he will blame Brexit (and don't want to start that debate here) he will be hard pushed to make that the reason for his chain's demise. Most of the restaurants I use are doing very nicely. Yesterday I booked a table in one of my favourites and had to book for later than I wanted because they were so busy. I was in the North last week (Wirral) and everywhere there and in Liverpool seemed to be well frequented, many places packed to the gunwales. It's true that High Street footfall is declining but restaurants like Mr Oliver's don't really need to rely on passing trade. Few people take in a meal for thirty or forty quid per head on their way out of Sainsbury's with a pint of milk and six eggs. His chain has bitten the dust because people have realised that, in essence, they were not the best places in which to part with their hard-earned.
It was a franchise operation, I believe.
His restaurants are closing down because they're over priced,and you don't get ambience you'd expect form a world famous chefs restaurant.
The smartest thing he did as a not especially talented cook, was to manage to get a TV programme with the name 'The Naked Chef' - the title alone was a brilliant stroke (we're watching 'Mad Men' at the moment!) and millions tuned in to see what is was about and he was off to a flying start. Shame he has over reached himself and fallen to earth.
He wasn't a bad guy, nothing special in the kitchen, but he did make people look again at what children were eating.

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Jamie Oliver Restaurants Go Bust

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