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see below!
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What? He was hit below KKK?
didn't expect much, I suppose I'm going to have to spell it out:
Perfectly in order for maggiebee to release a duplicate, since SP1814 has left the building to meet up with his friends pmsl.

Apart from the fact that AOG hasn't supplied the news topic, so I don't think that this thread will be side tracked with accusations of maggi possessing a racist agenda.
or irrelevant attempts to link it to migrants / immigrants etc?
Well, one of his security staff members will be looking for a new job. Nige was rightly furious, saying to him, how could you let that happen? Good question.
"you're a complete failure"

"i spotted that from a mile off"


Why did they cross the road, directly to a man, standing solo, with a milkshake? Might have been a set up.

"cross the road, cross the road"

Thought the person who threw it was a "Security Staff Member".
the fact it has happened is all i care about. I knew it would, everyone knew he would be next.
/// or irrelevant attempts to link it to migrants / immigrants etc? ///

Oh so sorry, am I wrong into believing that a migrant / immigrant etc, also threw a milkshake over Tommy Robinson, but got away with it Scot-Free?

I myself think it most relevant.
When one has no rational argument, taking out one's frustrations by assault, is hardly unknown. But good to see some are realising their support of remain is so undefendable that throwing things at those with the opposing view is all they have left.
"16:33 Mon 20th May 2019

Do you not think it's a bit warped you're bringing Immigrants / Migrants into the conversation, they have sweet nothing to do with this.
"throwing things at those with the opposing view is all they have left."

That's what the brexit campaign has been doing since this charade started. Throwing insults. Brexit was uncertainty, people were voting for pie in the sky. At least remain were voting for what we knew and understood, the status quo. Point is proven by where we are right not, and where we should have been. MEP elections coming up. We are a laughing stock. More precise, brexeters are a laughing stock.
You would, AOG. Your ability to link any given subject to your main agenda precedes you. Unfortunately.
It's actually quite a talent, ZM. I bet he was on the debate team at school.
The guy who chucked the milkshake at Tommy...... where was he born AOG?!
the two men **
//Obviously stopping McDonalds selling milkshakes and ice cream does not work in Newcastle. //

How very dare you! It was a £5.25 Five Guys banana and salted caramel milkshake. The perpetrator is obviously not on his uppers.

There's nothing smart about chucking stuff at people.

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Nigel Farage Hit By Milkshake During Campaign Walkabout

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