Now It Is Nigel Farage's Time To Be Pelted With A Milkshake.

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anotheoldgit | 14:53 Mon 20th May 2019 | News
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This time the attacker was rightly arrested, but I wonder why Tommy Robinson's Asian attacker was never arrested, or do I need to ask?


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No way did he get shaked.... OMG
Disgusting behaviour.

ONE thing to note from this, acknowledge how maturely Nige handles the situation, with grace and maturity. Walks away with his security. Lets remember how Tommy Robinson handles the situations, with fists and a mob and goes towards (in one case charges) the "danger".
"Disgusting behaviour."

I'm sure the behaviour of Nige has been perfect throughout his political career.
People should acknowledge this radical behaviour, and how easily it is influenced. Stop poking wasp nests.
At least he’s not being murdered by right wing filth like Jo Cox eh?
Comedy Gold.
SP brilliant point. One i made, if this was america, it'd be bullets not milkshakes!
it's a badge of honour these days! Good to see he's winding up the VBQ enough to get them to buy a milkshake!
Spath - that doesn't matter, I don't recall Farage throwing milkshakes at people.
What a shot , Good Man " PMSL " .
I can see Vince Cable/Jezza/Treason planting a milkshake thrower on their next walkabout! PMSL!
What flavour? Vanilla?
Banana (appropriately).
Ummm - It does matter. This whole facade of the milkshake wouldn't happen if behind the sodden suits there weren't evil men.

No, i don't personally see Nige as evil myself... but other people certainly would. Nigel can easily be rude, sarcastic and pompous, these are all antagonistic traits. For a politician, he's not helped himself.
looks like strawberry
Just love the look on Farages Face . PMSL.
Think Farage looks very shaken PMSL.


Serously. Why did you use acronyms and abbreviations?

Do you want us to ask you what you mean?

Are you lonely?

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Now It Is Nigel Farage's Time To Be Pelted With A Milkshake.

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