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Gromit | 09:49 Mon 20th May 2019 | News
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// a disgraced former aide to Farage who was imprisoned in the US after being caught offering money laundering services to undercover federal agents. George Cottrell was with Farage when he was arrested at Chicago O’Hare airport in July 2016. He had been working in Farage’s office and claimed on his LinkedIn account to have co-directed Ukip’s EU referendum campaign fundraising.

He was charged with 21 counts including money laundering, wire fraud, blackmail and extortion. He would later plead guilty to participating in a scheme to “advertise money laundering services on a Tor network black market website” and served eight months in prison.

The Guardian understands that Cottrell has told friends that he is now overseeing the Brexit party’s fundraising operation. On Sunday the Sunday Times also reported that a senior source in the party said that Cottrell had “reprised his role as one of [Farage’s] top fundraisers”. //

Why would Farage seek the employment of a convicted money launderer?


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'"Times also reported that a senior source in the party said that Cottrell had “reprised his role as one of [Farage’s] top fundraisers”.'

What does "reprised" mean?
Khandro- repeat
Does that scan?
If your opponent looks like they are going to beat you hands down you bring out the big guns and drag up all the dirt.

TBH you can do this with an opponent who has no chance of beating you as well. It’s called politics and is used by lots of people. The left are particularly good at it but it’s a way that most people work at some point or another.
Only when a supporting link is provided can we be sure that the claim isn't selectively edited.
Khandro, apparently it does :-
And of course you have Soros funding huge swaths of the left and remain.
'Reprise' (noun) is a repeated passage in music
'Reprisal' (noun) is an act of retaliation.

What is it saying? and is this English, and in The Times too?
Khandro, why are persisting in discussing something that has no bearing on the subject of this thread?
reprise music noun the repeating of a passage or theme. 
verb (reprised, reprising) to repeat (an earlier passage or theme). 
ETYMOLOGY: 14c: from French reprise a taking back, from reprendreto take back.
At least the Brexit Party leader is not accused of links to dubious business men with dodgy ties to Russia. As has emerged with Herr Strache the (now ex) leader of the Austrian Freedom Party.
Oh hang on ...
ichkeria //At least the Brexit Party leader is not accused of links to dubious business men with dodgy ties to Russia.//

Lol, until the results start coming in on Sunday.
Prediction. Despite the Remain liars assuring us, every day for 3 years, everyone still alive had changed their minds about Brexiting. Within minutes of the Leave parties pulverising Remain on Sunday they will revert to type and challenge the results.
I'll kick the long list off for you;
1. Party Funding
2. Russian Interference
I’m not making dodgy predictions.
I’m talking about things that have happened.
3. Racists
4. Nazis
Danny, as the OP hinges on the sentence;

“reprised his role as one of [Farage’s] top fundraisers”.

I want to know please, what it means in plain English (Don't direct me to a dictionary, I have plenty) and also why Farage's name is in brackets
Khandro, reprise can also mean to repeat an action (fundraising would be an action)
This is my final word on this.It has nothing whatsoever to do with the OP.
If you want to donate to Brexit Party Will you please use Pay Pal for donations up to £ 500 , Thank you, Yours Nigel.

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Brexit Party Finance And Fundraising

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