Petition To Gmc To Reconsider Firing Dr Wolverson.

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ladybirder | 09:21 Mon 20th May 2019 | News
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This is the doctor who ask a mother to lift her veil so he could hear clearly what she was telling him about her child's symptoms. I believe it is her husband who is complaining, not his wife.
Will you sign please?

Thank you to those who have signed.


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"I'm sick to death of folk being pandered to like this. "


I'm sick of folk of Muslims having any kind of rights.
Spath - this is the News section, it's about debate so people answer each others opinions.

Gness - that started from day 1.
//Retro, it was not a choice of dress, she did remove the veil.It is pretty apparent that her husband has opened this can of worm//

I chose to use the phrase' choice of dress' rather than a insulting description. After all we all know that what they choose to wear is not a religious requirement.
Retro, many Muslim husbands require that their wives don't show their faces in public.I don't know whether this part of the religion or not as there are many variants of the Muslim religion.
Did this consultation fall below the standard of etiquette and courtesy expected of a member of a medical practitioner?

That is the only question here.
As there is a point of dispute, this will be answered by the General Medical Council.

it is as simple as that.

Well that is called sujugation or mysoginy in my book. From what I have read a Muslim scholar stated that the Niquab or Burqua is not a religious requirement.
sorry Danny. My link
Retro, it must be a matter of choice as there are quite a few Muslims living in my road.Some of them wear a Niquab, some wear a Hijab, one wears a Burqua and many just wear a headscarf.
Danny hasn't an atheist white male ever told you that no it's never a choice, it's suppression??
Spath, no.
That is the point I am making.The doctor has not insulted this woman or required her to break some religious taboo.He politely asked her to remove the veil in order that he could understand her.She complied and for some reason the husband complained. I hope that the GMC conclude with a comment to the husband that NHS treament is for all and in future he best find another doctor of his own faith or better still chaperone his wife from the start.
Why is the article painting such a different picture to that of what happened?

"Dr Wolverson asked if the woman would remove her Niqab as he was having difficulty hearing her through the material. He explained that, to provide the best and safest treatment for the woman’s young daughter, he needed a clear understanding of her condition.

After refusing to remove her Niqab, Dr Wolverson ended the consultation."
I pointed that out a while ago.
Spath, she removed her veil without complaint
Exactly Danny, proving the whole petition is futile. It's not even painting an accurate picture showing the Dr in good light.
//A GP who could face the sack for asking a Muslim patient to remove her face veil says she took it off 'willingly' before her husband launched a complaint claiming the doctor had been 'rude'. //
From the Mail on line version
Utter drivel v2.0 (which I had not noticed earlier):

//Because for the husband, another man demanding to remove the veil is inappropriate. Anyone asking someones wife to take off items of clothes is inappropriate.//

So if a Muslim woman goes to the doctor because, say, she has a sore toe, it is "inappropriate" for the doctor to ask her to remove her sock and shoe? I think that the notion of fitting in with life in the UK has somewhat passed by many Muslims. Here, lots of doctors are men, lots of their patients are women. That's the way life is and if you want medical treatment you occasionally have to remove items of clothing before a doctor.

But on a more specific note I find anyone walking around in a face mask (please don't mention surgeons or workers in dusty environments) offensive. If anybody I was dealing with turned up clad in a face mask I would ask them to remove it or leave.
Another version,
I believe the doctor and will not jump in demanding his dismissal like a baying dog out for blood.
If in the future it will be appropriate to sign the petition I will most certainly do so. This country is too short of good doctors already.
"So if a Muslim woman goes to the doctor because, say, she has a sore toe, it is "inappropriate" for the doctor to ask her to remove her sock and shoe? "

The Muslim woman was there for her daughter. Not her, so why she should have to undress is unclear.

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