Petition To Gmc To Reconsider Firing Dr Wolverson.

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ladybirder | 09:21 Mon 20th May 2019 | News
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This is the doctor who ask a mother to lift her veil so he could hear clearly what she was telling him about her child's symptoms. I believe it is her husband who is complaining, not his wife.
Will you sign please?

Thank you to those who have signed.


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danny, the axe-grinders are the people who complained. Never let it be said that an opportunity is missed!
If he were found to have contravened the standards of behaviour, I would have thought there would be various levels of misconduct and appropriate sanctions open to the GMC.

The accusation is that the patient considered that during her consultation, the doctor was rude and inconsiderate during the consultation.......the Niqab being a secondary issue.
These accusations happen all the time and the GMC have to deal with them on a daily basis, being going on for decades.
It will certainly be reviewed and rejected by the GMC, if not, then will be the time for petitions.
Quite agree Sqad.
SQAD, what would the GMC do if the GP resigns?

The hearing would have to go ahead as the alleged infringement would have been perpetrated whilst the accused was on the medical register...........i would assume.
// The complaint came later. It doesn't really matter who is complaining. //

who said - rational - I think not

of COURSE it depends who complains - there is the issue of confidentiality for starteers ( kid involved, so that is times 3)
hearsay - the father complaining about what was said( he said) to the mother
and safety ( of the child - paramount by law)

but hell this AB

oh the gMC holds charades every day down in the St James Building Oxford St - one playing there now
( up to twelve playing at any one time)
// There are three questionable incidents being discussed on these pages at the moment;//
^All involving Muslims. When will people wake up to what's going on?
Because regardless of what some people think not all Muslims are the same, same with other religions.
^You rarely hear other religions complaining. It's a non-stop cacophony with Muslims and all part of a well rehearsed plan.
Do nijhabs notoriously make it hard to hear? Why remove it?
Some Muslims, not all.

Don't get me wrong, I dislike the religion but the Muslims I know are very western in their views (I don't know that many to be fair)
I think Dr Wolverson should be fired.
How about we wait for the outcome of the investigation?
" Dr Wolverson asked if the woman would remove her Niqab as he was having difficulty hearing her through the material. He explained that, to provide the best and safest treatment for the woman’s young daughter, he needed a clear understanding of her condition.

After refusing to remove her Niqab, Dr Wolverson ended the consultation. "

I too would also complain. How stupid.
If the doctor could not understand the mother's explanation of her childs symptoms because her speech was impaired by a covering of her mouth then how is he to translate gibberish and safely and correctly deal with the diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment.If he misunderstood the mother then there would be a likelihood he could e.g. administer penicillin to the patient who may have a fatal allergic reaction. What comes first. Your child or a choice of dress?
Question Author
This doctor has been practising for 23 years and has had many veiled Muslim women attend his surgery without complaint as far as I can ascertain.
The person making the complaint wasn't even in the room at the time the incident is supposed to have occurred.
Where did you read that, spaf?
"Where did you read that, spaf?"

From the link in the OP.
Retro, it was not a choice of dress, she did remove the veil.It is pretty apparent that her husband has opened this can of worms.

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Petition To Gmc To Reconsider Firing Dr Wolverson.

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