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Who knows?
Who cares?
The red tide will subsume us all eventually....
How soon right-wingers forget, eh? And that’s even after a grovelling apology and payment from a Tory MP for his nonsensical spy-claims about Jeremy Corbyn in the past. This current claim about another Labour MP should probably be treated with the same contempt as was due for that earlier nonsense.
Strange how these things seem to crop up when suggestions of a possible General Election are in the news, isn’t it?
TTT and his side-kick still persist with the absurd nomenclature, "Agent COB", but it has been shown that Jan Sarkocy - the so-called Czech spy who suggested he had recruited Mr Corbyn - was a fantasist and should be treated as such. The guy actually claimed, for example, that he had organised the Live Aid concert!
Reliable witness, eh?

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Agent Rob? Did Cob Have An Accomplice?

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