Eurovision Outrage At Palestine Flags.

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flobadob | 10:19 Sun 19th May 2019 | News
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Apparently the organisers of Eurovision are planning action against those who showed Palestine flags during the show, claiming that the Eurovision is a non political event. But why single out the Palestine flag when there were Israel flags in almost every shot and behind all of the participation countries when they were being shown accepting their votes. It seems to smack of a bit of hypocrisy.


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Well, I suppose, as Palenstine didn't have an entry, the flag was there for devilment.
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Rocky, if someone had an American flag would there be the same furore though?
Agree with Rocky.There were probably flags legitimately shown by contesting countries.
No, because the American flag would not be shown to antagonise the Israelis present.
since the contest was held in tel-aviv, it would not be unexpected to see the Israeli flag, no more unexpected than seeing the union flag had the contest been staged at Wembley Arena.
And who exactly are 'those'

What action can they take against 'those'

Will it affect 'those' ?

Will 'those ' care one jot ?

Should they target the guy with the Welsh flag?
I think those in the dock are Madonna and the Iceland entry.
I am willing to bet that the fuss will die down.
"claiming that the Eurovision is a non political event" they must be joking...
Who won anyway ?
The UK of course.
Are they ABBA material or will they just disapear up the Nordics ?
The UK’s three Tele votes came from Ireland.

The British Isles block vote ;-)
Don’t you mean Teach In (1975)?

I’m holding the fort here till Buenchico arrives :-)
Germany got nil point in the public vote.

Mind you, they weren't the worst.
Why do some get "outraged" at such trivial things? Who gives a flying fig about Eurovision? We should be outraged at hunger, poverty, climate change and the destruction of our planet. Rant ends.
Israel is a country, Palestine isn’t
^^ Quite! The whole world is obsessed about the Palestinians who are referenced as “indigenous people” when they are really peoples from Ottoman South Syria. The Jews are the indigenous inhabitants of their land, as are Christians throughout the Middle East.
+ Climate Change is made up, maggie, as anyone with more than 2 working brain cells knows by now.

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Eurovision Outrage At Palestine Flags.

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