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Just to be clear, if politicians leave loose alliances then the whole thing is falling apart, unless they join the Frog-Faced Toper and his motley crew then it's a masterstroke and a victory for common sense.

I think I'm up to speed now, not on speed as some seem to be.
Ah, Mark Reckless, the son of an Irish immigrant mother, and who famously forgot to vote for the budget because he was too ***.
Not turning up for important votes is Farage’s modus operandi , so the pair should get on well.

Reckless has a reputation for disloyalty...
2010 Elected as a Conservative
2014 Defected to UKIP
2017 Defected back to Conservative
2019 Defected to Independent
2019 Defected to the Brexit Party

Question Author
now there's a name for a new party...."The Defectors" - sounds like a 70s cop show!
ddr ddr dddddd dddr dddr dddddd

As with all defectors and to be consistent with The Independent group when they defected I do think their constituents should have an opportunity to endorse them.

These are all disaffected UKIPpers aren’t they?
Added to my earlier comment...

However considering they all campaigned and won on the back of Brexit they are in a better position to represent their constituents than the independent/change group.
foo I like Breggzit threads
they are so .... new
like the morning breeze

and go well with Jeremy Kyle
there used to be an american import
called the defenders
one looked like McNamara ( of the law fame - who he den?) and had been in the er whirly birds .....

and alexandra bastedo was in the Champions - also sixties

oh, Brexit
look is there anything new since yesterday on this?
What is an AM ? Are they morning people ?
"Some Plaid Cymru and Labour AMs want it stopped."

I bet they do!!

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Brexit Get's A Boost From Taffexit.......

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