Now Where Will This Low Life Bully Pop Up Next?

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ToraToraTora | 11:47 Wed 15th May 2019 | News
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Good decision to take this dross off air but no doubt it will be re invented soon enough.


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I find it odd, that people consider them self's superior to others, based on what day time TV they watch, or what they think of a specific day time TV show.

I find that attitude quite pompous.

No one forced him to appear on the show and no other guest has been force to appear, it was his own decision.
million day time viewers
such as moi
whilst I feed the dog, read the times, do the cross word
a bit of knitting etc

we get the paternity right a lot of the time
and the adopted children need to know why they were given up
and the answer always is: mother completely feckless

I mean one had five half-siblings and five stepfathers sort of ... the mum er just couldnt stop....
of the
me bess fren' stole me auld mam's pension

more than half didnt - suspicion is an awful thing but I think the fren'ship had ended all ready
It is quite amazing how much Retro and TGT know about this TV show, but they have never watched it. PMSL.
Question Author
you been on it?
I read last night that he's racked up 3,340 shows. If they have 1 storyline on each show that's 10,000 people (it takes 3 to create a menage)
Given the emotional upheaval, etc of these people, 1 in 10,000 doesn't seem a bad return (how does it compare to random statistics?)
Maybe the after show care is more effective than it's given credit for.
11,06 NO , But judging by most of your posts on here, you would have qualified easily as a participant for the show.
We have loads of TV "bullies", from Gordon Ramsey to Alan Sugar... countless, really. A suicide is awful, but very rarely only down to one single issue.
I don't know how many have been genuinely helped or destroyed by the show, but it is sad that anyone should feel responsible or to blame for someone else's suicide.
//It is quite amazing how much Retro and TGT know about this TV show, but they have never watched it. PMSL.//

Ah but I have. Shame you can't read my answer to Danny at 1507 yesterday. You really ought to see a doctor about your incontinence problem.
PLOD 12.21 . { Wednesday }, Quote," I didn't actually watch it "
12.51 { Thursday,} "But I Have" ... I would not want you to give evidence in Court. Yes Doctor does come in mind shall I make you an appointment?.
We used to watch this programme years ago and it was very different than it is today. Back then I remember desperate parents needing help with their out of control drug /alcholic children being given the chance to send them to a rehab clinic.There would be a car waiting to transport the addicts to the clinics. Then later they would come back on the show to give an update. Lie detector tests revealing the person who had been stealing . Long lost fathers meeting up with their children. There were lie detector and dna tests . However I don't remember all the scuffles and fighting between the guests . That seems to have developed over the past years. People have become much more aggressive and openly vocal towards one another on the show. It has become a free -for-all . Nowadays it seems that if you have numerous sexual episodes resulting in lots of illegitimate kids it's alright to bear your soul on TV . Shame no longer exists in this modern society .The show became cheap and nasty.Almost like bear-baiting. So whereas in the past JK did do a lot of good for some desperate people it no longer fills the same purpose.
However ,to say that the people going on the show are vulnerable, low-life scum who only do it for the money and 15 mins. of fame is offensive to the ordinary people just wanting help to sort out their complicated lives.
There is a lot of emphasis on mental health at the moment but if you are in the lower strata of society it's much harder to get help .
Prince Harry on the other hand and William are always listened to whenever they talk about their problems.
So whilst I think that this show was ready to be taken off air it's not entirely fair to class everyone of the guests as lowlife scum.

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Now Where Will This Low Life Bully Pop Up Next?

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