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Status Quo UK's manifesto is called "in Search of a Fourth Policy"...
11:11 Wed 15th May 2019
To defect to join the Tiggers was a misjudgement, but to add to it by joining the LibDems demonstrates stupidity, but then, this is politics 2019.
At least he’s gone in the right direction :-)
A slight shock received yesterday on receiving an email from Chuka Umunna inviting me to join him in the bath on Thursday ... until I read it properly.
Isn't that effectively what happened last time, the Social Democrats merged in with the Liberals.

Perhaps we will soon see the lib-(non)DemIGs soon.
Could have been worse Ich might have been Looe :-)
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I heard Sozzleberry has fallen out with them too. Don't know the details yet.
Cracks appearing in the Brave New World already? Surely not!!
First problem was the NAme

Change is the last think they want. Status Quo Group would be better.
//Status Quo Group would be better. //

I still like the mighty Quo. :-)
Status Quo UK's manifesto is called "in Search of a Fourth Policy"...
Speaking as an ex constituency agent for the Lib Dems I left because their policies shifted away from what I believed the country needed. I see no signs that thishas changed and their current "success" is just due to the fact they arent Conservative or labour - I`m pretty sure their vote share will fall back to their regular levels when we have a general election.
The Liberendent Droup UK?
The Independent DemUKrats?
so he's gone from one anti democracy party to another! PMSL!
" Cracks appearing in the brave new world " meanwhile back at the Ranch. Huge gaps have appeared in the Con Party, Surely Not!! .
You seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that people wishing to see a proper Brexit care two hoots about the Tories.
TVI labours under a lot of misapprehensions judge.

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