Terror Police Warn Against New Rules On Muslim Hate

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fender62 | 06:40 Wed 15th May 2019 | News
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(adoption of the definition, which could, in effect, make it racist to criticise Islam)
and sharia and private madrassa's and the teachings therein.


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Have fun following Sharia law then (unless you already do). I won't be. I also doubt it will ever be slightly implemented in the UK.
Spath, I am really not sure if you naive, a blithering fool or a troll sometimes.

Your posts are sometimes so odd and devoid of any logic or thinking sometimes. Then you make a sensible one.

Nope, can't make you out.

Some would describe me as a bit of a wild card.
However, i never intentionally "troll" anyone.
Back to the subject. Do you think there should be a ban on criticism of Islam, spath?
No. I don't think any religion should be held to such levels that criticisms is illegal.

All religions should be able to be criticised.

I do however think prejudice racism towards Muslims of a certain origin should be illegal.
Well.. of any origin really. But it mostly happens to those decent from a Pakistani origin i find.
spath, //But it mostly happens to those decent from a Pakistani origin i find. //

Who decent from a Pakistani origin has been criticised?
I think he means Pakistani descent. Naomi :-)
Oh .... okay, thanks Retro.
It's similar to the recent row over the official definition of anti-Semitism and whether the Labour party would adopt it or not.

My feeling is that these things are designed by groups to stifle criticism of themselves by criminalising it.

Anyone that criticizes Israel is now called an anti-semite and anyone that criticizes any aspect of Islam will be called an Islamophobe. That's pretty much the case at the moment, but they want to formalise it by implementing an official definition.
"I have nothing against islam". I have !

What about some rules on Christian hate, never gonna happen, is it ???
I'm amazed but pleased.
Spicerack, given the group that formulated this definition, I'm not amazed that it's been rejected. Surprisingly there must still be someone in parliament with a modicum of sense and foresight.
Wow rejected - common sense at last !
Phew! At last we can relax, knowing that something that never happened can't hurt us. That's a relief.
Yeah, for a while there JF it was an erosion of......something. Something very important!
Indeed it was. The erosion of the freedom to criticise – and going by the wording of the proposed definition that would have far reaching effects. Thankfully the police, at least, recognise that complacency isn’t smart.

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Terror Police Warn Against New Rules On Muslim Hate

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