Who'd Have Thought That There Is A E U S S R Election In Less Than 2 Weeks?

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ToraToraTora | 14:49 Fri 10th May 2019 | News
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//never turning up to vote// What's the point of "turning up" in the EU "parliament" to vote? The "parliament" is a rubber stamp whose single power is to determine how long it takes to consider and approve the latest legislation proposed by the oligarchy.
00:29 Sat 11th May 2019
can someone tell me what this question is about please
the answer is vote - go back in ( into the Common Market, silly !) and all paradise will reign

I thank free tee for this opportunity to canvass for the sanity parties
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ooo tooopee wot dat yerp den?
If that were true why did it not reign previously ?
Peter, I think the OP is talking about this month's European Parliament elections.

Struggles to type it though.
Well, my vote for the Brexit Party is in the post.
Mine too, Danny.
Me too, but on the day.
The woman from the Conservative party was so rude. She interrupted and talked over the other bloke. She should have been to,d to shut up and not interrupt.

I am not doing a postal vote. I want to be able to walk into the polling station and put my Cross next to The Brexit party in person.
What is VBQ ?
Victoria Beckham’s Quota.
I see the LEs still believe in survival outside a MTB.


3W here we come.
I wonder how many people will switch to the Brexit Party for this vote? Several here it seems - and I'll be joining them.
Maybe the main parties have finally (and it's taken long enough!) realised that the electorate will laugh them off the scale if they dare to consider debating the notion of European MP's, for a parliament we are supposed no longer to be connected with.

I will also vote Brexit - I thought I'd already done that though ...
It wouldn't surprise me if Nigel sweeps the board. Labour and the Tories are in for a hammering. UKIP is a dead duck, nothing without Nigel.
Me. That was an easy one.
Jackdaw, I agree with you. Hang on to your hats!
I think Ukip might surprise some of you. Hope so, anyway.
spicerack, why UKIP rather than Brexit?
Who is going to vote UKIP when they can vote for Nigel and the Brexit party?

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Who'd Have Thought That There Is A E U S S R Election In Less Than 2 Weeks?

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