Denver To Hold Referendum On Magic Mushroom Use.(Colorado)

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spathiphyllum | 16:28 Tue 07th May 2019 | News
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Shroom for more drugs?

How would you vote? For or against?

I would vote for. There has been proof that psilocybin can help with depression and suicidal tendencies.


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Denver, in 2005, decriminalised marijuana. What did we do in the same year? ................ Gave a Class A to mushrooms

Anyone who has ever experienced depressive illness will grasp at whatever it takes.
We can't even get over medicinal marijuana, despite its benefits.
This country really does need to grow up.
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I agree The Builder. I see how it could help people on AB every day, however due to it's stigma, i feel like an idiot for even suggesting it. (medical marijuana that is.)

I mean, with a christian heritage i'm surprised gods plants are illegal.

Khat, peyote, marijuana... etc

It's a long list ;o)
Denver? The "Mile-High" city?
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I see plants as medicines. I guess it's a bit out there, but shamans are medicine men, who use plants to heal mentally and physically as well as their divination side of things. For almost any ailment there is a plant that can help or cure.

Maybe there really is such a thing as too civilised? We consider ourselfs more advanced.. but are we really by limiting ourselfs to laws against natures medicine?
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That's the one V_E
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I think the topic of psychedelics, hallucinogenics and drugs in general makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable. Especially the topic of currently illegal drugs.
One of the great truisms of the British people, is that we only get things done when we feel uncomfortable ;o)
Psilocybin can be prescribed as a medicine ! It does help with depression and suicidal thoughts ! A specialist doctor has to do the prescription though and has to monitor the patient while it is being used !
^ that is in the UK ! Don't know about anywhere else !
Are you being sponsored per exclamation mark, Eddie? ;-)
The consequences of misuse should be fully borne by the user, no excuses. So yes, if used medicinally, but not so keen for recreational use.
No, if you need a drug to help you through depression or any mental illness then seek medical help.
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Denver has become the first city in the USA to decriminalise magic mushrooms. The vote was closer than the brexit vote!
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"No, if you need a drug to help you through depression or any mental illness then seek medical help."

So they can prescribe you... Drugs?? such as antidepressants? Well thought through that one. Magic mushrooms would be prescribed and used in a clinical sense. Not just sold in head shops for tourists to get wobbly.

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Denver To Hold Referendum On Magic Mushroom Use.(Colorado)

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