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spathiphyllum | 16:22 Fri 03rd May 2019 | News
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"I so want to win this. No amount of punches, milkshakes, attacks or anything is going to stop me." - Tommy Robinson

Seems Tommy himself isn't fazed about the retaliation to his campaign.

Didn't look that way with his own retaliations.

But apparently he may have broke electoral law anyhow by offering free burgers. The gift that keeps on giving.

"The rally had offered free burgers and hot dogs from a catering van, until the former English Defence League leader announced he had to stop giving away food after a call from police to tell him this broke electoral law on inducements to vote."


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Tommy has a range of criminal convictions under his belt, from Football Hooliganism to Mortgage Fraud, not to mention contempt of Court ( For which he may return to chokey ) and a false accusation against Cambridge Police which cast him £85,000. Who better to represent the areas of Rochdale, an Blackburn. It’s PR so he might just scrape in. Better to be...
20:08 Fri 03rd May 2019
In polite terms Spath, is there a question here?

I thought you'd walked away from TR earlier?
If you hate him so much, why are you so obsessed with him?
Question Author
No, there isn't a question to be answered here
Thank you.
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Hate is an intense feeling cashier the only feeling comparable in extremity to love.
It would seem he wants to turn it into yet another slanging match, since the Editor has closed his earlier one.
I wonder how long before this one also turns '' into a bit of a slanging match'' and is closed
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That is not my intention. This thread was meant to be a platform for discussion about the material in the OP. This thread is also not coming from a specific angle. This thread is more of an observance, then a platform to discuss that observance.
Do I understand he is standing for a position as MEP? I have always had the impression that he is not fond of people from abroad. Not a pleasant chap in my opinion.....of course I may be wrong......but I don't think so......
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"Do I understand he is standing for a position as MEP?"

That understanding would be correct
Perhaps he's just mis-understood
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Well i guess now is as good as a time as any to make himself more understood. This campaign gives him a platform to construct ideologies and articulate them in a way which gets people on his side.

I can only speak personally, but his words and the way he says them don't influence me positively towards him.
If 'Tommy Robinson' was a politician, he would probably have acquainted himself with electoral law insofar as its impact on his campaigning strategy.

Since he is a professional agitator, and not a politician, that explains his ignorance in this area - although if he plans to be an MEP, he's got a lot to learn!
Bazile - // Perhaps he's just mis-understood //

If your reference is to 'Tommy Robinson', I seriously doubt it.

One of his major strengths as an agitator is his articulacy in advancing his views, and his grasp of his chosen subject.

It's just unfortunate is that his views revolve around bigoted small-minded racism.

Not a Racist, he stands up for GB and he is against uncontrolled immigration and the Islamisation of the UK, and he's a lot brighter than some give him credit for.
Given the opportunity I shall definitely vote for him.

Some say "bigoted racist" others say "realist"
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If Andy or anyone for that matter feels or thinks that something Tommy has said or done is racist, then by the definition itself, makes Tommy a racist.
Spot on Baldric.
Quite right Baldric. I hope he succeeds.
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Tommy Robinson is not currently associated with the EDL. However, he did start the movement.

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