Why You Shouldn't Be A ***

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spathiphyllum | 11:51 Fri 03rd May 2019 | News
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Someone who wants to join a political position should probably not repeatedly punch someone for pouring a drink over them. He's an antagonistic ***.


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Both times, you can see the rage in his face, he wants to kill these people. The guy is a loony, he has no restraint, get him out the public eye.
Oh I don't know. John Prescott punched someone for throwing an egg at him - and he's a lord now.
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Prescott wasn't arrested multiple times due to different degrees of assault.

What Prescott did was wrong, but he apologised.
Tbf, he was assaulted himself first...
why do they keep giving his "real name"? You can call yourself what you like and change it just by common usage. I don't like him, btw, but the public should behave like adults too.
Prescott didn't do wrong.

I have no time for his politics, but if you watch the occurrence he was totally justified in thumping the guy.
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"Tbf, he was assaulted himself first... "

It could be considered harassment or abuse to circle round an Indian chap and then aggressively start preaching in his face. Then when he retaliates, Tommys army grabs the guy, whilst Tommy gives as many jabs as he can to the body of the chap, only to be pulled off by more of his sensible thinking fans.
Oh, he apologised. That makes it all alright then. Don't you think it's wrong to chuck stuff at people - or are you just not mentioning that?
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I remember Prescott saying "I thought i had been stabbed"
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Naomi, hypocrisy is frowned upon. I've no idea why.

It is one rule for the public, and another for those wishing to be in politics. That's fair in my eyes.
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"That makes it all alright then. "

It shows empathy, restraint and the ability to think about something. Tommy has none of those qualities.
Before you were old enough to take an interest in politics, surely spath?
I dislike Tommy intensely, but this does seem a very onesided view.
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I'm unsure what that's suppose to mean, or imply Noami.
As always, Pixie.
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Pixie, if this was the first time tommys aggression has been displayed on TV, i'd agree. But it's an on goign theme isn't it. The guy is a thug.
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oh, but bless him.. It's never his fault is it? Ironic how no other politically motivated person gets this much publicity over aggression and negative news.
He is... just not a great example. He is attacked and retaliates. Not great, but why only criticise him? It seems biased.
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what do you mean why only criticise him?
Pixie;//why do they keep giving his "real name"? You can call yourself what you like and change it just by common usage.//

I agree completely and was surprised to see the Telegraph doing it too today.

But strange that they don't refer to Elton John as, Reginald Kenneth Dwight, or George Michael as, Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. Odd that!

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