Environment And Climate Change Emergency

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spathiphyllum | 11:39 Thu 02nd May 2019 | News
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Now will people admit that the kind of climate change we're experiencing isn't just "natural" ?


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Aog, it wasn't the demonstrators who convinced Gove :-
spathiphyllum //If making people aware of an emergency is virtue signalling then i mean what gravity does being a virtue signaller have? That's what people call other people when they have absolutely nothing to say, so instead they're malicious about them trying to do a good thing.

All i can say to that ideology is, grow up, and if you have nothing nice to say then don't.//

Yeah, they shouldn't call you a virtue-signaller, spath, just because you're telling everybody about the good thing you're trying to do.
Question Author
I'm not trying to tell everyone about the good things that I do at all. I've literally just shared the fact the environment issue is now officially an emergency.
Question Author
If anything i've done the opposite by admitting i have a petrol lawn mower and that i don't have a horse and cart.

/// Michael Gove, who met with climate activists at Westminster on Tuesday ///

Not just one activist.
But, spath, you say in the post I c/p'ed that you are being criticised for 'trying to do the right thing'.
I'm just backing you up, bud. ;-)
Question Author
Ah, i see. Thank you spice
Question Author
It's like people saying "i swear on me nans grave"

It's promising on something you hold closely to your heart. It's a compliment and is suppose to indicate 'look, this is how serious i'm being' attitude. If i'm wiling to risk these serious things surely you can believe me. I think people who do this could be lying but probably aren't. I do however find it very immature.

It all depends what we're referring to, which is why i initially wanted to understand exactly what was leaked. What was leaked? Apparently huawei has a insecure 5G deal. Big woop. Anyone could of shared that, i can't see only one man being responsible.
Question Author
For Funks Sake wrong thread plz remove.
"Anyone could of shared that,..."

It's could HAVE, shared that, spathi, could have. "Could of" is one grammatical errors that grinds on me intensely.
//Among the many wise individuals who have seen through this political madness is the author of a 2003 book called Statecraft. In a passage entitled ‘Hot Air and Global Warming’, the author pours scorn on the ‘doomsayers’ who exaggerate sea level rises, demonise CO2 and ignore the lessons of the Medieval Warm Period that global warming is more a blessing than a curse. She goes on to argue that these distortions in the science are being used to advance an anti-capitalist, left-wing political agenda, which threatens the progress and prosperity of mankind.//

Statecraft. Margaret Thatcher.
How about this for a plan for the future.

1 Bring down the cost of energy by killing subsidies for crony-capitalist Potemkin industries like wind and solar.
2 Exploit Britain’s abundant shale gas resources by removing all the needless red tape surrounding fracking.
3 Withdraw — as President Trump has done — from the UN Paris climate accord, in recognition that it will make zero difference to ‘global warming’ and that it is really just a way for hell-for-leather growth economies like India and China to shackle their opponents.
4 Acknowledge the damage that has been done to the landscape and to wildlife by wind turbines .- both offshore and onshore .- and begin a process of phasing out this expensive, environmentally destructive form of unreliable, intermittent, destabilising energy.
5 Come clean about the reality of ‘climate change’: that there is simply no convincing evidence that it is predominantly man-made or unprecedented or a threat of any kind .- and that the expensive measures introduced by governments to ‘combat’ it have invariably done more harm than good.
Having a quick far as I can discern the only "governments" that have gone all in on the Glow Bull worming pyramid scam are the ones that take orders from the EUSSR. Makes sense then, one con artist buddying up with another out of mutual "respect". Gove, Haha, yes Gove, is now a convert. As if the economy of the EUSSR wasn't in enough "organic waste material". Now Gove and the syndrome sufferers want us to enthusiastically join them. No thanks......Now where is my patio heater for the weekend?

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Environment And Climate Change Emergency

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