Should Westminster Allow Indyref2?

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ToraToraTora | 16:50 Thu 25th Apr 2019 | News
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I think they should let wee Jimmy get it out of her system once and for all.


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"Wee Shoggy"????? What is that meant to mean?
How embarrassing some of you are when you can’t even post properly .
"Awld"???? I thought the Cockney and the abbreviations were bad enough...
Is there any reason why England can't have it's own referendum, to see what it wants to be tied to? Naturally, it would be ignored, but still...
Question Author
I'm just trying to comprehend why they keep saying "independence" when they mean the opposite. Perhaps our Scottish contributors can explain why leaving the UK and joining the EUSSR achieves "independence".
it doesn't. The SNP are delusional imo
"Awld"???? I thought the Cockney and the abbreviations were bad enough...

Maybe he meant "auld". We'll never know.
Question Author
it's rhetorical really, fortunately there are many sensible Scotts like minty etc who do have more than the sense they were born with.
"...that [another referendum]would be undemocratic as the established principle goes."

The "established principle" (if there is such a thing) is that it is bad form to hold a second or subsequent referendum on the same question before the result of the first has been implemented. It may be acceptable (and in fact be de rigueur when the "wrong" answer is returned) in the rest of the EU but not here in the UK. It's not the way things are done because it is insulting to those whose decision had been ignored.

The result of the first Scottish Independence referendum has been implemented. To ask the same question again six or seven years after the first plebiscite is just about acceptable.

"It's up to them though..."

No it's not, pixie. Any referendum (to have any effect) has to be sanctioned by the Westminster Parliament.
Ok, nj. But why are we not allowed one?
JIMF, I knew what he meant and he thinks he's being smart by taking the Mick but he's not.
Question Author
jimF can you answer my question at 22:01
Too many t*s .
Not while it contains ignorant and insulting nicknames. I'd ask you to phrase a proper question but, well, you know...
Question Author
As you wish jimF: Do you want to be independent of the UK but also be in the EU?
"Ok, nj. But why are we not allowed one?"

I don't think that you're being denied one, pixie. Ms Sturgeon obviously does not want a second referendum to end in similar failure (which would probably kill the issue for a generation or more). I think she's simply picking the right time. I don't think Westminster will refuse her request (at least I hope not).
^^ Well said, nj
Question Author
ok, thank you, you don't want independence then, merely different dependence, I wish more of your countrymen would be so honest. It's quite ok by me to hate the English, I just wish your leader would be more honest about it.
I'm English, nj. We haven't been asked, have we?

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Should Westminster Allow Indyref2?

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