As A Christian Should William Also Visit Sri Lanka?

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anotheoldgit | 09:18 Thu 25th Apr 2019 | News
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/// William will spend most of his trip in Christchurch, visiting first responders and survivors and meeting members and leaders of the city's Muslim community after the March 15 shootings. ///

/// The Prince will on Friday visit the city's hospital to meet with a handful of those still being cared for, before meeting with the Muslim community at the city's terror-struck mosques. ///


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Sri Lanka would have to invite him, for a start, as New Zealand did ... but assuming they did then yes, why not? In the same capacity as New Zealand, i.e. not "as a Christian" but representing the Head of the Commonwealth.
Agree with Ellipsis
Won't happen.

No virtue signalling points in it.
Yes, I think he should have a duty to visit Sri Lanka (provided he is invited).
yeah -
AND he should apologise for Gen Dyer's crawling order ( he made Indians in 1919 CRAWL up

the street where a white girl may have been molested in Amritsar) Kandy can fill in the gory details
apologise for the crawling order by crawling HIMSELF into the hospital where they all are !

PS I am serious !

madwikky so it has to be TRUE!
Crawling order. Dyer designated the spot where Marcella Sherwood was assaulted sacred. Daytime pickets were placed at either end of the street. Anyone wishing to proceed in the street between 6am and 8pm was made to crawl the 200 yards (180 m) on all fours, lying flat on their bellies.
why do I have to make sense
AOG doesnt ....
Ellipsis; // not "as a Christian" but representing the Head of the Commonwealth.//

Why NOT as a Christian, his granny after all is 'Defender of the Faith' and he too will be one day,
and while he's at it why not say that the Sri Lanka 'victims' were 'Christians' slaughtered by Muslim extremists? Nobody else is doing so except the editor of the Daily Telegraph.

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As A Christian Should William Also Visit Sri Lanka?

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