Time To Get Tough On Climate Change Anarchists

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dave50 | 09:03 Thu 25th Apr 2019 | News
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Just drag them away and let the skin be torn from their hands if that's what they want.


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These are just anarchists looking for any excuse to cause trouble.Their demands are totally impractical.
Rather than drag us back in time they should be looking to technology to beat climate change.

But that doesn’t address their agenda of being anarchists.
Climmate change again? It aint man made. It's natural. How do you stop volcanoes?
Anyway, the activists are just a load of priviliged hypocrites.
does anyone know what powers Extinction Rebellion are expecting the government to devolve to their "Citizen's Assembly". does anyone know how the members of this assembly will be chosen - by popular vote, or "appointed". if appointed, by who - the protestors?
yes I agree time to get get tough with these morons.
I don't agree with the protests. They disrupt peoples everyday lives which is unfair.

Climate change is a concern though but I'm more concerned about the plastic waste.
"get tough"? IE violence? Here is how AB feels about violence to teach lessons or to get what you want, or to get people to stop doing something that you wish they weren't doing.
Spath, the only person mentioning violence is you.
Pretty much how I feel about this...

And the OP, danny.
"let the skin be torn from their hands"

Sounds a wee violent to me.
Spath, that would be self inflicted.They were the ones that glued themselves up.
Not if someone ripped their hands from where they are glued.
Simple answer Spath,don't glue yourself to anything.
Just put screens around them and leave them there. I'm sure there's another door people can use.
You do understand he's taking the P, cali?
Obviously Spicey ;/ I'm a massive Jonathan Pie fan- he's touring at the moment, but he does talk some sense- which I imagine is why he's so popular :) x
Where's Luvvie-in-Chief, third runway protestor and hypocrite Emma Thompson?

Was her jetting in from LA last week in support just a fleeting visit, and has she now jetted back from whence she came?
The police have relinquished control of the streets to these idiots.

In no other country would it be tolerated to block off major roads in the centre of the capital city whilst those allegedly tasked with keeping the streets clear join in their "fun" whilst being fearful of infringing their "rights". Nobody has a right to bring the centre of a major city to a standstill preventing other people from going about their lawful business. The police in this country need reminding of their responsibilities.

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Time To Get Tough On Climate Change Anarchists

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