Why Do So Many Politicians Have Difficulty In Saying The Word

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-Talbot- | 12:16 Wed 24th Apr 2019 | News
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Because it is not right-on to do so.

How many of the NZ luvvie virtue signallers are out about the Sri Lankan atrocities?
Obama and Hillary Clinton have invented a new religion. It’s called Easter Worshipers.

They had so much difficulty saying Christians that they simply made up a new term.
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Yeah, I have seen the Obama and Clinton tweets...bizarre.

I have just watched half an hour of The House of Commons live.
Listening to David Liddington talk about the Muslims killed in Christchurch and the worshippers killed in Sri Lanka. Then Emily Thornberry called for us to stand in solidarity with the people and worshippers in Sri Lanka who were slaughtered on Easter Sunday.

Why is Christians such a dirty word?
"Yeah, I have seen the Obama and Clinton tweets...bizarre. "

More like retarded.
They also have difficulty in saying the word Muslim, when it comes to pointing the finger, over the atrocities.
Because like everything else our politicians have ceded the largest religion by numbers to the backburner in order to appease the minoritys.
Some have difficulty saying Churches too. The have become the eponymous "places of worship" instead. Oooh it must stick in their craw.
Christians, Christians, Christians, Churches, Church, our Church, your Church. There, I feel so much better now.
May was no better;
'The acts of violence against churches and hotels in Sri Lanka are truly appalling, and my deepest sympathies go out to all of those affected at this tragic time.

We must stand together to make sure that no one should ever have to practise their faith in fear.

Fair play to Corbyn though;
'I’m appalled by the horrific attacks in Sri Lanka, on Easter Sunday, the most important day in the Christian calendar. I stand with the victims, their families, the people of Sri Lanka and Christians around the world. We must defeat this hatred with unity, love and respect.'
The issue is, Obama, Clinton etc.. They all use god to help promote themselves. God is big in america, it's the christian way.

If, god forbid.. they ever identified terrorism with Christianity, they'd be shooting themselves in the foot.

So the reason they beat around the bush, is to distance themselves as far away from these Christians as they can. Even though they're the same religion.

I guess it kind of goes to show, it's not the religion that's an issue, bu the few loony nutters.
You do know, spaf, that the Christians were the victims?
That’s a load of old nonsense to be honest spath.
Obama’s a Christian but he tries to hide it by not saying the word “Christian”? That’ll work :-)

And what “Christian terrorism” is he trying to hide?
Sorry are we talking about something specific? Seems all up in da air to mee
I just assumed it was a to distance himself kind of thing, same with hillary. From victims or terrorists.
words where 321 are dead

why does no one ( nx MEEE!) know that there was a service of reconciliation at a mosque in Colombo which was broken up by a crowd of muslim bystanders?

jesus if that had occurred Manchester I think they all would have been lynched.....
I don't see why UK politicians would have a problem saying "Christian".

The Queen is Head of State and also Head of the Church of England, promising to uphold Christianity. The Church of England's leaders can vote on legislation in Parliament. MPs and the armed forces swear, by Almighty God, to protect the Queen, not Parliament.

If anything was ever embedded into the heart of the political system, it is the Christian, Anglican Church.
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Recline into a horizontal position and close your eyes for a couple of hours, Spath...I think it is you that is all over the place.
Don't say that. He'll crash his motor mower.
It’s interesting that Corbyn used the word “Christian” and Theresa May did not.
If course I have no idea for certain why, but it might be because Theresa May actually is a practising Christian and therefore the concept is so close to her she does not think of it with that label whereas Corbyn is, if not avowedly an atheist, then almost certainly a comparative outsider.

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