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Very important, obviously.

Culture and diversity are the new, errrrr, black.
How Important Is London’S Culture Budget To You?

It's not. In fact London ( ad the rest yourself ).
Not at all, centre of the Universe them lot, darn sarf.
A strange notion of priorities.
Does it have a culture ? Besides pearly kings & queens I mean.
Crikey OG. Then was the last time you went to London?
tourism brings in about £15m a year to London, and that's mostly culture-based. It employs 13% of Londoners directly or indirectly. So it's very important. Greater London brings in about 30% of UK GDP. Mess with that and provincials are going to have to work an awful lot harder to make up any shortfall.
If you bothered reading the article, you'd know he's diverting this money into yoot schemes. (drill music lessons and table tennis)
Man can't be doing his stabbing and ping-ponging at the same time, innit?
Jno, I think you're mixing up culture with culture (which, no doubt, has £billions spent on it every year)
'tourism brings in about £15m a year to London,'

Pft. We get twice that at Barry Island.
I think that Khan is more interested in certain subcultures that culture in general.
Like any other London budget...... not a lot
Something's a bit off, £15m will get anyone a Big Mac meal and a couple of pints after in London.
Not one jot.

How much of the estimated £23m will actually benefit Londoners or the UK in general? Probably not at all.

London has top attractions, museums, theatres and a full and colourful history at its fingertips so why spend millions on culture?
"...tourism brings in about £15m a year to London"

I think you have your millions and billions mixed up, jno.

London enjoys huge numbers of foreign visitors because it is London, not because of anything the Mayor might squander taxpayers' dosh on. It was a huge tourist attraction before it had an elected mayor and will continue to be so long after the time when somebody has the gumption to abolish that totally unnecessary and expensive post.
anything that will makes this site (Answerbank) more cultured and civilised would be good thing - - - - ter daaaah !

[c thx to Mahtma Gandhi who started the genre.....
what do you think of Western civilisation - I think it woiuld be a good thing]
oh god what another non sequitur
get rid of the London Mayot and the tourist turn over/ take is bound to rise.
I dont know - I really dont

I don’t think NJ was saying ***get rid of the London Mayot and the tourist turn over/ take is bound to rise.*** at all.

In fact he said it was a tourist attraction before a mayor and would continue to be if there were no Mayer. Do keep up.
governments past and present, imported to many unenlightened
cultures..that have brought tribalism and ghetto culture with them.
and now we have.. no thanks to them, polarised communities..
some will never embrace western culture and it's norms..sad

// How Important Is London’s Culture Budget //

I think if your name is Khan the answer is, not in the slightest.

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How Important Is London’S Culture Budget To You?

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