Finally The Home Sec Tells Plod To Deal With These Lowlives

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ToraToraTora | 16:27 Thu 18th Apr 2019 | News
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the people of London have been inconvenienced by these eejits for long enough, well done Mr Javid. Can you imagine how long it would have gone on if Ms Abacus had been home sec?


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Why is the blond one (I won't say woman in case she identifies as.....something else) wearing protective eyewear?
.... on if Ms Abacus had been home sec?

it wouldnt add up ?
her plan wouldnt work out ?
she could juggle the balls on the rails as long as she likes but she would still lose a few ?

go on tell us ....
Question Author
how very PC!
Question Author
well twopee she has said she supports the protesters so she'd have allowed it indefinitely, not too tricky is it? Actually I suppose it is.
I think he's just asking why you have given her the epithet
Do you think the blonde human (hopefully she still recognises her species) thought goggles would protect her in the event of a fall from the top of the vehicle?
Question Author
perhaps she hoped they'd prevent her from seeing sense.
ZM, they may be goggles handed out by the police to protect the protesters' eyes from the liquid used to soften the superglue.
In the very unlikely chance that the police use tear gas.

She would have been wiser to have chosen ear muffs to drown
out the noise of the police singing and dancing with the protesters.
//Oscar winning actress and writer Emma Thompson joined protesters, saying it was the "first real hopeful movement I've joined".//

so says the hypocrite who's just flown 5500 very carbon expensive airmiles to be there.....
well for actors - - hi mush! -it is just another show

life for an arteest is just one long performance .....-

Just another gesture signalling luvvie we seem to be surrounded by them these days.
Trouble at Heathrow has been avoided.Demostrators left after police moved them from the road onto the pavement.One of them claimed that they had an 'emotional victory', whatever that is.
Police have to use goggles and safety harnesses when removing protesters from such situations. Otherwise they make be talking to the guy on your telly who asks, "Have you had an accident?"
That should read, "may be talking".
the activists implore the population to respect the environment, then completely ignore their own message. hypocrites.
I've worked on a few jobs where the protesters turned up. We'd call them over and say 'You sit on that bender, you go and lie on that crane'.
We'd have to go home then, dagnabbit. ;)
Extinction Rebellion have now formally announced they will shut down Heathrow Airport on one of the biggest travel days of the year. Extinction Rebellion leader, Robin Boardman-Pattison confirmed that the group will attempt to act to disrupt tens of thousands going on their Easter Holidays on one of the busiest travel days of the year.

Robin Boardman-Pattison stated that “Extinction Rebellion is organising disruption at Heathrow Airport. It will disrupt the travel for lots of people, yeah, that disruption is totally necessary given the emergency we’re in”

The arrogance of the unelected, self-appointed guardians of humanity is breathtaking.'

They run around with cardboard signs attempting to cause chaos and misery and they can't even make their own beds.

Bring back National Service, pronto.
that'll be something of a test for aviation security, that. if the authorities prove to be unequal to the task of securing the airport against a rag-tag army of largely peaceful weirdbeards, how would society expect them to keep aviation safe against the real harm-doers?
Scotland Yard has officially asked other forces for support to help tackle the climate change protests in London.

The move comes as the number of arrests exceeded 700, and some activists claimed they had been taken by officers to police stations as far away as Southampton and Brighton due to a lack of custody space in the capital.

The request for “mutual aid” follows six days of protests during which the Metropolitan Police has struggled to remove the Extinction Rebellion demonstrators illegally camped on Waterloo Bridge and in Parliament Square and Oxford Circus.

More than 1,000 officers are involved in policing the protest. There have been roughly 100 arrests - 715 in total - made everyday resulting in 28 people being charged.

In a statement senior officers admitted the demonstration was putting a “strain” on the force resulting in officers in the city’s boroughs being required to work 12-hour shifts, with rest days cancelled and the Violent Crime Task Force having had all leave cancelled.


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Finally The Home Sec Tells Plod To Deal With These Lowlives

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