What On Earth Are Our Police Playing At?

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anotheoldgit | 08:31 Thu 18th Apr 2019 | News
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If they can't get rid of these morons, then it is time the army was sent in to rip up all the tents and other shelters and since it looks as if we are in for a few days of fine dry weather they should send in helicopters to spray water down on them, I bet that would soon disperse them.


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It was "Our Planet" which cause this wave of ecowarriors AFAIK
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/// how do they go to the bog? ///

They don't have to, most of them have a 'wet nurse' who periodically comes round to change their nappies.
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I wonder if the Polar Bears and the Walruses protested over the end of the ice age?

The world is changing all the time, except for the King Canutes among us who try and stop the tide coming in.
"I wonder if the Polar Bears and the Walruses protested over the end of the ice age? "

Do you really though? I actually doubt you care about them at all to be honest. And why would ya? I'm not sure where the walrus lived during the ice age, but if it's at the poles, as far as they're aware, the ice age is only just ending. In the past 10 years they've seen a radical decline in ice.

"The world is changing all the time"

Yep, you're right. However, it shouldn't be changing due to human activity so rapidly.
One story goes that Canute didn't try to stop the tide coming in. He was revered as a God by his court and, to prove he wasn't (and that they should only worship God, he showed them that he was mortal by NOT being able to prevent it.
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I've just come up with a solution to the problem, get a Right-Wing group to counter protest (after all they got us a referendum) the police would soon be out in force then to clear the streets.
is the environment really a left wing issue?
Anyone for a cup of tea and a cake, I think you've all earned a break, maybe put your feet up and pop back later tonight.
//togo oh yes they are all young middle class hipster types lol //

I think that she is the "brains" of the organisation. Brian.
I’ve never really understood why people think the threat of climate change is some sort of evil conspiracy.
If anything you’d think “they” would be trying to hide it lol
Has anybody seen these people up close and personal?

I have.

This morning I walked down Birdcage Walk, through Parliament Square and then up Whitehall, and if what I saw is representative, there's not many of these idiots (granted I wasn't in Oxford Circus where the pink boat is, so have no idea if there's more idiots there), so the cynic in me wonders whether the media have played this up a bit.

The good Dr in the link below is one of the leaders. She had an epiphany (spath - look this word up) by taking drugs in South America which apparently re-wired her brain, and when she came back she got shot of her husband and decided this was going to her cause going forwards (I hesitate to make the valid point that if a bloke did this it would be described by wimmin as a 'mid-life crisis').

Without question the Drs academic credentials are sound, but other than those she is as nutty as a fruit cake. She states that "...warming in the Arctic is likely to cause 'the collapse of the food system' in just three years..." Well I would bet both of my nuts that she's wrong.

Extreme weather (I can still remember when it was just called 'the weather') has always happened and will always happen, and these morons will not make a jot of difference, and the hard of thinking on this thread, spath in particular (although an honourable mention to teacake) have succeeding in spouting the most unmitigated nonsense I've heard for a while.
I bet these psychedelic psychos won't be taking their circus-show to the States anytime soon. There they would have to face a real police force and not some pussy-footing police service and some irate commuters who are apt to put a bullet into them.
Has 237SJ said at 14.23.
Heathrow tomorrow apparently. That should go down well with holiday makers hoping to be jetting off for the Easter hols.
Who's on the morning shift for this post? give us a shout and I'll have bacon & egg sarnies ready,along with some strong coffee to get you going. God help the poster picking the best answer. ha ha :)
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These are the Middle-class Lefties who are behind this protest.

The most prominent – and radical – of the XR leaders is failed organic farmer and PhD student Roger Hallam. After years in a succession of Left-wing groups, the 52-year-old says the ‘name of the game’ for XR is to ‘bring down all the regimes in the world and replace them’. Hallam says paralysing traffic will eventually cause food shortages and trigger uprisings. In a recent interview, he said XR protesters should be ready to cause disruption through personal ‘sacrifice’. If necessary, they ‘should be willing to die’.

XR co-founder Stuart Basden, 36, a middle-class writer from Bristol says jail's like boarding school and has goals that go way beyond a desire to curb global warming. Indeed, he has claimed: ‘XR isn’t about the climate. You see, the climate’s breakdown is a symptom of a toxic system that has infected the ways we relate to each other as humans and to all life.’ Basden has urged XR followers to embrace going to prison – where he spent a week after defacing London’s City Hall with spray paint last year – saying it is ‘a bit like boarding school’

Tasmin Osmond, 35, is a veteran of ‘direct actions’ which had little to do with climate change, such as Occupy London, the poverty protest which set up a camp outside St Paul’s cathedral in 2011. The granddaughter of Dorset baronet Sir Thomas Lees, Omond went to Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge, where she read English. She was thrown out of anti-aviation group Plane Stupid after saying the green movement ‘brand’ was ‘unwashed, unshaven and up a tree’, and this ‘doesn’t represent me’.

George Barda, 43, believes the ‘Criminal UK Government’ is to blame for climate change.
A post-graduate student at prestigious King’s College in London, the son of classical music and stage photographer Clive Barda still finds time to be a dedicated revolutionary and camped outside St Paul’s cathedral in the Occupy London campaign. Today, Barda is a director of XR parent company Compassionate Revolution and regularly appears on Russia Today, Russia’s controversial British TV channel.

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