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Bazile | 13:26 Wed 17th Apr 2019 | News
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How much attention do you pay to on line reviews ?

Perhaps we should take them with a pinch of salt ?

We recently took delivery of an item of furniture from a company .
Before we bought it , we looked at the reviews on their own website , for their products and their customer service - which were glowing .

We are happy with the product by the way - but should we have relied on the reviews on their website ?


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This can be useful
I still think people expect too much.

We went on a two week holiday for £800, perfectly adequate, it was clean and tidy, nice pool etc etc....what are people expecting for that price?
You'd pay more for a caravan in the UK.
Maybe people believe the hype in the brochure, ummm
I haven't looked at a brochure in donkeys years.
The online brochure, ummmm
Personally I take them with a pinch of salt and an initial guide only.

Travelling for work I stayed in quite a few hotels/digs in the UK Europe and New York. Some had poor reviews but I took them due to price (and being on my own I couldnt care less so long as there is a pub to get bloto in nearby). Generally they were fine though, although some of the cheaper ones were like sleeping on rocks. Copious amounts of beer bought with the money saved fixes that though :-)
I use Tripadvisor but generally ignore the 5 star ratings and the 1 star ratings. I tend to find those in-between give a more balanced view.
I personally think it's great that there are reviews available online so that we get to know the service or the product beforehand and so out money gets worth.
The last few hotels I've stayed at I read the reviews. My boss has a Portuguese friend and asked him if he knew the hotel I was looking at, he did and said it was a lovely family ran hotel, he was right, it was lovely and I gave it 5*

I don't give bad reviews. If I'm going on a cheap holiday all I want is a clean room, I don't care if it's worn round the edges, spend hardly anytime in the hotel anyway. But seriously people really do expect a 5* hotel for a 2* price.

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