Unregistered "schools".......

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ToraToraTora | 15:30 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | News
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a) why are they allowed?
b) why are local authorities funding them?


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If the children are not properly safeguarded then no it is not allowed.

This seems very bizarre to me.
Because the inmates took over the asylum decades ago.
The dots are not joined up. Councils are paying £27000 per "pupil" per year for the "pupil" to be at something that is evading being classified as a "school". If councils demanded that schools be registered before they paid them, that would be a step forward.

It seems that unregistered schools are there to provide supplementary education. They're not really there to provide a national curriculum education, as how can they in under 18 hours per week?
Good answer OG.
Apparently, //A school must be registered with Ofsted if it offers full–time education and: has five or more pupils of compulsory school age ...//

I don't know why local authorities are funding them, but the law must be changed to include all schools - not just those offering full time education.

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Unregistered "schools".......

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