Another 29 Illegals Enter Our Country.

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anotheoldgit | 09:40 Mon 15th Apr 2019 | News
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Why was this lorry allowed to travel 127 miles and taking the police almost 2 hours from first being alerted to arrest these smugglers?
And why is it always the smugglers who are arrested and charged, when we hear nothing of the illegal migrants being arrested charged and finally deported?

/// 29 men, women and children were located, all believed to be Vietnamese. Police and partners continue to take care of those located.' ///


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Dilution of our society is what the smug Metroloplitan liberal elite NWO want to happen AOG.

Divide and conquer. What they dont see is that it may well backfire spectacularly on them since many of the ones they let in have a different agenda, an unlike the residents of the UK, are willing to 'fight' and die for it.
Well AOG , it is estimated that less than 1 'lillegal' in 100 is actually detected ! The rest get in !
don't they get sent back to france, i thought we had some kind of arrangement with them, oh but there ooman rights steps in, but they have ooman rights in france as well, chaotic system.
I don't know who you think Vietnamese are willing to fight and die for, ymb?
Question Author

ymb has already told you, "their own agenda".
Do youactually beleive any story from the daily Wail?!!

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Another 29 Illegals Enter Our Country.

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