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It is the PRO EU labourites that are suggesting this. Despite some, especially on here, claiming the Tories are split down the middle so is Labour. Just look at the areas voting Brexit and you can start to see the problem COB has.

But on the other side, yes this is how Labour now works. Better get ready for it because COB is soon to be PM thanks to Treason.
ymb, Do you really think that the Tories will call for a election before they have to?
Standard VBQ carry on.

I don't think the Tories will allow a GE just now but I do think they are getting ready to dump Treason so they have a chance in the EUSSR elections. Not that I think it'll make much difference.
"ymb, Do you really think that the Tories will call for a election before they have to?"

No, but do you think people will have short memories?

And there are local elections and MEP elections - right now.

The only hope os to get shot of May. Then their fate would depend on who takes her place. The members really do need to choose and it should not just be a one horse shoe-in race like last time. I am not holding my breath, too many liberal elite quislings in the party at the moment.
ymb, they have plenty of time to recover.The next general election is not due until 5th May 2022.A lot will depend on who the elect as the next leader.
"ymb, they have plenty of time to recover"

It depends on the outcome of qutie a few thinks.

A present they are not a Tory party, they are the Metropolitan elite and failing at many things like Law and Order, high taxtation, school issues and failing totally the indigenous population favouring new arrivals.

On top of that Brexit. It will be remembered in 2022.
//On top of that Brexit. It will be remembered in 2022.//
A lot will depend on what kind of Brexit we end up with.
they way they are going YMB we'll still be in in 2022.
The MEPs can say what they like, but they are not in charge.
It is NOT Labour policy to back another referendum, so it cannot be a requirement to be selected by the Party.
In fact, the Labour Policy is to uphold the result of the Referendum, so that should be the only stipulation required of candidates.
Yes, I think that is the point of the OP Gromit.
gromit: "The MEPs can say what they like, but they are not in charge. " - don't get me wrong, I agree that the unelected corrupt commission etc are in charge but isn't it you that keeps insisting that the EUSSR is a democracy?
UK voters in a General Election elect the ruling party. The leader of the ruling party appoints the UK Commissioner. Same in all the other EU countries.
The Commissioners head a Department, but elected MEP vote on what becomes law. Seems democratic to me.
Gromit, the EU is run by Barnier, Juncker and Tusk backed by Merkel and Macron.
//The Commissioners head a Department, but elected MEP vote on what becomes law.//

the elected MEPs have no legislative initiative. they have no power to propose law, they can only request the commission do so. the MEPs can only vote on that which the commission puts before them.
Who knows what Labour’s policy is? I don’t.
There’s a big row brewing over who gets to write the European election manifesto, with anti referendum people insisting the NEC should be in charge.
Until the manifesto appears no one knows what it is. That’s kind of ... logical really whichever way it goes.
Labour probably stands to lose votes more if it backs off from a referendum. Hence the plea from those MEPs.
Lol mushroom that is more or less how our parliament worked until our MPs “took back control” To the annoyance of some ...
Aside of course from private members bills.
“The Commissioners head a Department, but elected MEP vote on what becomes law. Seems democratic to me.”

We can argue until the cows come home about the “democratic deficit” (or otherwise) exhibited by the EU. But let’s have a look. Essentially the process is this: the UK Prime Minister appoints a “Commissioner” to represent our interests (but see below) within the EU’s “Commission”. These are often people of whom few people have ever heard or failed or failing politicians. Former appointees to the post whom I would include in the first category are such notable public figures as The Lord Cockfield, Bruce Millan, George Thompson, Ivor Richard and Catherine Ashton. In the latter category you can find Neil Kinnock and Chris Patten. Note when you consider those names that The Commission is the only body that can initiate legislation (much of which has a profound impact on businesses and people across the EU). As outlined above, our only elected representatives (MEPs) have no say in the formulation of that legislation; they either accept it or reject it (in which case some of the headings will be changed, the text re-ordered and the proposal stuck under the noses of the MEPs again….and again…and again – I’m sure you get the picture).

So what of our current Commissioner? He is one Sir Julian Beresford King (no, me neither). Apparently he is a diplomat and civil servant who served as Ambassador to Ireland and France and Director General of the Northern Ireland Office. When he was appointed this was said of him:

“The man likely to be the Britain’s last European commissioner has vowed he will act in the EU’s interest, rather than be London’s voice in Brussels.”

He himself is on record as saying that he would act in the common interest [of the entire EU] if confirmed in the post. “I know the high levels of integrity and impartiality as well as European commitment that you will rightly expect of me,” he told MEPs at a hearing designed to test his suitability for the job. “I am genuinely not here to speak for Her Majesty’s government.”

So, The Prime Minister of the day appoints a Commissioner and usually you have either never heard of them or they are politicians who have been rejected or are past their sell by date at home. They (and 27 others similarly appointed by foreign leaders) are the people who make the decisions that affect every person in this country. If that sounds democratic to you the you must have a different interpretation of that term than I do.

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