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The report is not about torn jeans though is it? Tatty clothes and lack of food is nothing to be dismissive of.
Ripped jeans are not schoolwear. They're not allowed in the schools my grandkids go to, they have to wear the school uniform for their schools.
Living up to your username, I see.
they can't afford distressed jeans.

These ones are going for £685

Torn jeans are mock-poverty. Not getting enough food is real poverty.
Question Author
In this country there is no reason for people to go without food, especially children when one sees some of their mothers, they don't seem to go hungry.
Amber Rudd, the DWP Secretary of State, disagrees. '"Speaking in the Commons, Ms Rudd said the government was "committed to a strong safety net where people need it".

"It is absolutely clear that there were challenges with the initial roll-out of universal credit," she added.

"The main issue which led to an increase in food bank use could have been the fact that people had difficulty accessing their money early enough."'
I'd go a bit further than blaming Universal credit. I would blame the parents for some of these problems. What kind of parent sends their kids to school in filthy clothes when a box of soap powder can be bought for about £1. Surely a bar of soap doesn't cost all that much either. Pencil with eraser on the end or a biro and a cheap note book.How did poor families manage years ago when there was no benefit system?
If 'no-uniform' days are a problem then stop having them.
Question Author

They must have been dying from starvation before the benefit systems were introduced.

This is a land that prides itself on almost full employment.
Employed folk can be on Universal Credit (UC) and Amber Rudd has said UC led to an increase in the use of food banks.

You have been flippant about the torn jeans but as others have said, jeans are unlikely to be worn to school.

Is a joke for wee ones to go without food for a couple of days?
"Strange I Thought It Was The Hight Of Fashion These Days To Wear Torn And Tatty Looking Jeans?

Distressed jeans were last fashionable in the early 90s.

Before Britpop.

They are not fashionable any more.

I wonder if the OPer meant 'height'
Wow, just wow!!
Multo plures satietas quam fames perdidit viros.
However and why some children fall into this trap is one thing but to use fashion/humour as a vehicle to raise discussion is rather lame.
We know Togo, that's not the topic here.
I'm surprised at you, Sp. Have you stopped going to the disco?
They're fab.
We've always had bad parents. There's no excuse for starving children today, corby.
//Torn jeans are mock-poverty. Not getting enough food is real poverty.//
Ripped jeans may not be school wear but they can be worn for non-uniform days. There is no excuse for parents to send their children to school without anything to eat and as for not eating all weekend that is just ridiculous. Cereal is cheap in Aldi etc. I don’t want to pay to feed other people’s children.

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Strange I Thought It Was The Hight Of Fashion These Days To Wear Torn And Tatty Looking Jeans?

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