Who Have The Ukrainians Upset?

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retrocop | 20:47 Sat 13th Apr 2019 | News
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I thought the Ukraine was supposed to be opressed. Interesting but always alarming when bullets are flying over the UK because of other country's beefs. :-(


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theenk door handle bebby
that is meant to be a heavy Roshan accent referring to novichok poisoning

Good photie of Putin and Ukraine yeah widda U crossed out and Mykraine subsituted

was part of Mother Rosha and stalin starved them all in 1922 in the Great Hunger. Ukrainians they no want be Roshan.

so 1990 or so they (U) declared independence and twenty years later Russia reoccupied the Crimea - have a look on a map it is an exclave.

But the Crimea isnt Russian you exclaim as you are an educated man
well it is now ! hur hur hur

Putin told his slaves to foment unrest in U - (and say they want be Roshan) and this had led to a low grade civil war
intentionally degrading the quality of life there

Brexit - the Poles they no want go back Poland which also has a border with Russia whixh Russia er wants ( used to be the russian Duchy of Poland)/

and we just have people like Corbo and Jacob R M thank God
Ichk is good on this
seems to be able to access and understand Ukrainian and Russian sites
wow !
I'm sure they'll know more after he's been interviewed.
Question Author
Well thank you. That makes my understanding so much more clear. So their beefs have to be sorted in Knighsbridge, Yes ?
Keeping up with the carcrashians.
Question Author
// So their beefs have to be sorted in Knighsbridge, Yes ?//

yes - no - Roshans - who knows for chrissakes ....does terrorism have borders ( PP puts on his quizzical who-knows? face)

Hey Retro when those people were chopped up in London Bridge by ISIS
you went around asking
why dey do dat - ? Dey know London Bridge is not near Damascus or Ragga, no?
yeah retro
with that Princess Anne car crash pistol stuff

you went around asking - why he do dat? he likes Princess Anne? She looks like horse, yes?
It certainly wasn't a sudden stealth attack.

//Darcy Mercier, who lives across the road from the Ukrainian embassy, told the BBC the man arrived in the street around 07:00 and was "blasting music".

Mr Mercier said he approached the man and asked him to turn the music off but was ignored.

"He sat in the middle of the street for over two hours. I was out on my terrace when he started ramming the embassy car," he added.//
Sounds like a nut job.
Peter Pedant
/// Ichk is good on this
seems to be able to access and understand Ukrainian and Russian sites
wow ! ///

I do wish we could understand you.
Probably some bloke who'd missed the deadline for his visa :-)

Many years ago, in the days of Kuchma (and visas), I was in a huge visa queue in the consulate building a few streets away: progress was painfully slow as two stony-faced office clerks dealt seemingly in slow motion with the customers, including one arrogant perisher who was mouthing to anyone who'd listen that he was something to do with some Important Organisation and wangled his way to the front.
As the appointed time for the office to close approached I was still miles away from the front and was contemplating a wasted journey and a fresh visit. However as the clock approached noon, the queue started to move quicker, the faces of the clerks appeared to relax, and the last 10 or so minutes saw more people processed than in the previous hour.
Wonderful timing :-)

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Who Have The Ukrainians Upset?

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