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She's never fooled me and i dare say that applies to many.

"Quelle surprise"
as far as I know she is a long term, known Remainer.
Treasonous in my opinion.

Thanks LiK,
Repetition is so boring.
May’s cabinet has been crammed full of Brexiteers.
Johnson, Davis, Fox, Leadsome and Raab.
Trying to pretend otherwise is trying to rewrite history. All the Cabinet Brexiteers are equally responsible for the mess we are in. They were there (in key positions) and fluffed it.
"They were there (in key positions) and fluffed it."

They didn't fluff it. They simply tried to ensure it was implemented properly and refused to allow the country to be party to a Treaty that was arguably worse than the one we are rescinding.
as Gromit says, she handed the top Brexit jobs to confirmed Brexiteers like Davis and Johnson. That they proved unfathomably useless is hardly her fault, but they got precisely nowhere in their term of office. I find it hard to imagine that she had brighter Brexiters hiding their light under a bushel at the time. So what's a girl to do?
It would not have mattered who was in those posts. The Prime Minister's overriding aim was to keep the UK under EU control, the closer the better. She had no intention whatsoever of presiding over a proper Brexit and this is evidenced by the appalling withdrawal agreement which she thought was perfectly acceptable (x3) to put before Parliament. Because this was quite rightly soundly rejected she suggested that the failure to meet the deadline was the fault of the Commons. It was not. It was due to no proper leaving arrangements having been negotiated and no preparation to walk away when the inevitable unacceptable permission to leave was floated. Since this was "her" deal (with little involvement from her Ministers) it was entirely her fault.
The fact that Theresa May is unfathomably useless is her fault, though.
Is this repeat thread going to go on as long as the first?
Oh I dare say Mamy :) x
I'll get the corkscrew.
Is this yet another ‘I can’t believe a pro EU Govt aren’t keen to implement our leaving the EU’ thread?
Question Author
mamya; //Is this repeat thread going to go on as long as the first?//

It might continue as long as your 'night song'
That's very true, you could post it every day - why not.
She hasn't fooled many.
A slightly spastic skeleton with dodgy taste in industrial jewelery and a shoe fetish.

Sounds like a winner.
er why is the cabinet like the Nige's UKIP

because they are both full of back stabbers and liars !

that was a joke by the way - and we havent had that one before

Enough about yourself Doug, what about TM?
// I'll get the corkscrew//
and the pint glasses - it is gonna be along night

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