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youngmafbog | 13:20 Fri 12th Apr 2019 | News
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Our soon to be Home Secretary, Abacus, is at it again.

Why oh why did she have to add the last sentence if she was going to get involved? How to alienate women (and a fair few of us men I am sure) or what?


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She has some very mixed up priorities.

As an aside, interesting to read in the DM about the Tory Anna Soubry ...
/// Our soon to be Home Secretary, ///

Crikey I hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Question Author
Unfortunately due to Treason May it is most likely AOG.
Unless the CIA intervenes ...
Question Author
I'm sure they will in that they will cut off all lines of communication with the UK.
I don't think the Tories are foolish enough to call a General Election.
Soon to be Home Secretary, don’t be daft .
I can't open the link.

Was it actually rape though in the eyes of the UK laws?

I know it has nothing to do with the UK but it does have some bearing on how people view things.
// Unless the CIA intervenes ...//

I can tell you what - "I blame MI5" is in arabic if you need
( ana alom al mukharabat al britanniya)

there is a lot of talk mongst the politicals ( abbo and trump) about Assange which is a legal case still making its way froo da courts

and no one has said - it is obviously improper for politicians to comment on the conduct of law cases for fear of being accused to trying to swing it

( especially if they should be brought or not)
Nah, she won't be Home Secretary (please God) !!
"Soon to be Home Secretary, don’t be daft ."

Well let's think. Because of the mess the Conservative Party has made of their spell in government nobody really knows what lies ahead. Certainly by Halloween no further progress with Brexit will have been made. Despite being urged by that nice M. Macron not to waste the next 28 weeks they have just *** off for a fortnight. On 20th July they turn it in until 5th September (7 weeks). Then the farcical conference season kicks off taking another three weeks of Parliamentary time. This leaves our Honourable and Right Honourable friends just sixteen weeks to do what they have failed to do in almost three years. In fact their leave makes little difference. Unless either Mrs May's "permission to leave" agreement is passed (v. unlikely) or we leave without permission (extremely unlikely) there is little to discuss and we shall remain. The end result of that will be a General Election (which will solve nothing) and there is every likelihood that Tory voters will desert the party in droves leading to a Labour victory. And who is Labour's Shadow Home Secretary? It's not so daft at all. And a Labour government will make a No Deal Brexit seem like a Teddy Bears' Picnic. And I shall laugh at those who saw No Deal as "catastrophic".
I’m an atheist but I think God might intervene to prevent Abbott from being Home Secretary
diane is just trying to rub the government up, has she ever agreed to anything, i bet if a mass murderer was arrrested, she would say..mmm
mitigating circumstances..or how many migrants is to many, mmm
if there asian or african mmm unlimited, as there all engineers and doctors obviously...or (we)can afford it...if they are poor economic
This woman could be in charge of our nation's security. If that doesn't bother those who vote Labour it bloody well should.

According to Abbott, Mao - the murderer of millions of people - did more good than harm

That's right up there with saying Hitler wasn't all bad because the trains ran on time.

She is an idiot of breathtaking proportions who has been promoted way way beyond her very meagre abilities. If anybody wanted to see an example of tokenism, they only have to look as far as this utter utter moron.

Gawd help us if Labour win under the current Marxist leadership of Labour.
Like a stopped clock, Diane is right once a day. Well, maybe not that often but in this case she is, imo.
Grown ups should stop using childish nicknames.

Let's turn AB back into Question Time, and prevent it from becoming Sesame Street.

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