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ToraToraTora | 11:10 Fri 12th Apr 2019 | News
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Time for the "rebirth" of democracy? Lions led by donkeys? Go Nige!


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yes jim, why are we still in the EUSSR?
Where's the salt pot ...
We're not. We are still in the EU, though.

Question Author
ok, have to go to lunch, will be back to this very interesting discussion later.
That's a long lunch 3Ts is having (well, it is Friday) :-)

" the last three years have been shaped massively -- dominated, even -- by the result of 2016."

Only by what our Parliament has been discussing and what's been on the telly. As with much wind and puff than emanates from the bowels of Westminster, all that's happened is the matter has been kicked into the long grass (like almost every other significant decision those august creatures have been called upon to make). Nothing of any significance has actually happened, but MPs don't measure their work rate by results, only by "activity". There has been no "shaping" of the UK's relationship with the EU, which after all was what the referendum was all about.
"He hasn't delivered anything."
Strange, I feel sure Cameron was so worried about him we all got to vote in a referendum. Must've imagined that.
Shaped massively -- dominated, even -- by attempts to avoid/ignore the result of 2016.
Too little, too late.
No love lost between Nige and Gerald I see.
Looks like Nigel’s trying to position himself at the caring sharing - dare I say Liberal - face of Brexit.
Can’t see an electoral BrexKip pact emerging.
jesus just when I think the daily Brexit thread cant get any crazier ...

//Nige is our (and democracy's) only hope now.//
then we are all dooooooomed !

and 3T is fruitier than normal
readers do realise that Lions led by donkeys refers to the officers and tommies in the Great war

in which case Nigel - The Nige - Sir Nige - our Lord Nige - --- is one of the donkeys?

oh well this is the Brexit thread
hi Itch
retro has a question on Ukraine that you might care to have a shot at

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Nige On The News Right Now ......

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