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Deskdiary | 20:07 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
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For the first time in my life I've used LOL.

Come on....even the most achingly right-on amongst us on AB, and there's loads, must find this LOL. I more than LOL'd, I bloody roared with laughter. He was wearing an Ann Summers Mrs Clause outfit fer christ's sake.

What the hell is somebody who is clearly a bloke doing pouting like that?

Am I wrong to find this hilarious?


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// If this person is a woman, what does that make me? //

Also a woman. I can't for a second take seriously the idea that your own identity is destroyed by accommodating somebody else's.
What Naomi said !!
Jim, I didn't say my identity is destroyed. I said it's being hijacked - and it is - but then how would you know how I feel? You're not a woman.
Why are you being offended for what someone who you don't know claims to be?

That seems to be more of an issue.. Why you relate your identity to the identity of others.
There you go, Jim. Ask Murraymints. She's a woman.
spath, //Why you relate your identity to the identity of others. //

I don't - clearly.
"This is something I feel very strong about and I shouldn’t be rebuked for voicing that opinion."

Why not?
"I don't - clearly."

"I said it's being hijacked - and it is"

if you don't compare ur identity to that of others, how can they hijack it?
they have their identity, you have yours. Does gender affect identity to the extent that if someone wishes to share that gender, they are hijacking your own identity?
spath, because I should be free to voice my opinion.
live and let live. Try not to offend others. It's that simple. If she wishes to be refereed to as a female, people should have a form of respect for that.

Being "urghhed" at, is offensive, and not on.
and i should be free to voice my opinion about your opinion.
Given that there are also transmen (ie, those born as women but now identifying as men) there's no reason to frame the debate solely as an issue about women's identities. So I can also consult my own feelings on the issue, and those tell me that I don't see why it matters a jot whether or not FTM transpeople exist as to my own identity.

spath, //they have their identity, you have yours//

Since they claim to share my identity, apparently not.
Jim, that's your choice.
I don't think ur transphobic Naomi, but you have a ideology because you were born as the gender female, you feel you have more right to say other people can't claim to be that gender. And if they do wish to, then they are hijacking part of ur identity.

So because u were born female you get to dictate who can and can't be female without hijacking identity's?

"my identity"

so you admit you own the gender female and that is your sole identity?
they are not stealing anyone's identity, they are trying to find, claim and set the foundations for their own, and then for people to respect that, and refer to them as their chosen identity.
You saying they are trying to steal your identity is hard to even comprehend to be honest.
If identity was as simple as gender, then there would only be 2 in the world wouldn't there..
I don't know why this issue has anything to do with you, and why you are defending your identity, saying it's being hijacked

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