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Deskdiary | 20:07 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
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For the first time in my life I've used LOL.

Come on....even the most achingly right-on amongst us on AB, and there's loads, must find this LOL. I more than LOL'd, I bloody roared with laughter. He was wearing an Ann Summers Mrs Clause outfit fer christ's sake.

What the hell is somebody who is clearly a bloke doing pouting like that?

Am I wrong to find this hilarious?


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Naomi:///This is something I feel very strong about and I shouldn’t be rebuked for voicing that opinion.///

I totally agree. I can never understand why homosexuality must be respected but homophobia must be outlawed. After all, isn't homosexuality only hetereophobia under another name.
I suppose you could interpret anything you like in any way you choose to, Ludwig.
It's still a fact that every man is a potential rapist.
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"I however do not think you can just decide, yep i'm female now, go into other female toilets come out an decide, nope male now then go into other male toilets. Something needs to be certain."

It's going to be enshrined into law that you can though.

I suspect it will be a protected characteristic under the Equality Act. People will be able to decide on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis what gender they are identifying with, therefore the hypothetical hairy-arsed builder could start the day as Brian and after work enter the female swimming bath changing rooms as Brenda.

If it hadn't been posted so many times before I'd be tempted to post The Life of Brian clip - talk about prophetic.
Not a large % of people are trans, let alone gender fluid. Of that tiny % not many of them actually decide minute by minute to change.

Yes these issues exist, but for such a tiny % of people.

There is no point making world wide laws which could easily be taken advantage off for this tiny, tiny %. However i do think respect should be given. That's a must. And i think we should try to cater for these people especially, especially if it's obvious they do not have a hidden agenda. The % that would have a hidden agenda, wouldn't even be trans. They would be opportunists.
Respect works both ways - or at least it should.
how are they not showing you respect?
Read the thread.

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