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Deskdiary | 20:07 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
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For the first time in my life I've used LOL.

Come on....even the most achingly right-on amongst us on AB, and there's loads, must find this LOL. I more than LOL'd, I bloody roared with laughter. He was wearing an Ann Summers Mrs Clause outfit fer christ's sake.

What the hell is somebody who is clearly a bloke doing pouting like that?

Am I wrong to find this hilarious?


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there are many females would would be fine with that pixie. It goes both ways male and female.
I believe it's a fact. I also believe more women would report that situation though.
Of course!! The majority I expect. And how are we supposed to tell which is which when we are on our own in a public toilet? Any guesses?
this need not be about men and women.. simply how we treats trans people. Regardless if they are M->F or F->M
I'm very used to shared changing rooms and shared facilities and tbh unless you view every man as a potential rapist there should be no problem with that imho, and every man is not a potential rapist. I couldn't care less or experience fear if I see a man or a trans woman in a public restroom and the more prevalent this becomes the less 'fear inducing' it will be tbh.
The argument about men infiltrating women's refuges has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject of trans women. I find the more refusal to acknowledge pronouns tries to be justified the more outlandish the fears and claims become. It's just calling someone who identifies as a woman 'she'.
I'm sure you'd never know, Pixie. And that's half the reason why I personally think it's fine.
Well then, neither should share. You are now agreeing with me...
"unless you view every man as a potential rapist there should be no problem with that"

not just that cal, it's saying trans women became women to rape other women or to get access to places they never normally would be allowed access to.

Bizarre IMO.
OK it's not saying that..... it's implying it.
The claims are true though, cal. Not hypothetical, only things that have already happened. I'm glad you feel comfortable getting changed with strange men around. I don't though.
Even if they see themselves as women?They're not perving on you, simply trying to live their life as comfortably as they feel they can.
Spath, it's happened! Look up Karen white... you seem to live in a world of your own sometimes x
While making others uncomfortable...
prisoners will be prisoners thought won't they.. we can't compare society to those who we keep locked away from it.
Pixie, would you respect someone with a schizophrenic disorder? If one moment they were Dave, the next Patrica? Or would you always call them dave?
Ok, spath. I think I've said everything I need to... will leave it to you x
//...if the person previously known as Eric suddenly wants to become Erica and use she, so why does it upset you so much?//

Doesn't upset me at all. Provided that Erica with a penis doesn't demand that I call him a woman.

People who thought that they were Napoleon used to be locked up. Not a policy I agreed with (unless, of course, they're marching into Russia with half a million soldiers).

Depending on context, and as a matter of civility or kindness, I'd readily address Erica with his penis as a she, or the "Napoleon" as empereur. But I'd prefer that to be a matter of my discretion rather than a legal dictat.
Dave. I work with schizophrenic people. You never go along with delusions, it exacerbates things.
I see it similar to schizophrenia. If i knew someone had a personality disorder, i'd deliberately make an effort to call them by the name they're currently using.

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