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No, absolutely not. she's his wife, they are a couple and how they choose to announce ( or not) the birth of their child is completely their business. Storm in a teacup.
I don't blame them at all. I hope they get some privacy if that's what they want.
what makes you imagine this was her idea? Even the Mail doesn't make that claim.
The couple have the right to make their own decisions as to where to have their baby. So long as they have a contingency plan in case of complications all should be well. There is a maternity unit close by.
Who cares?
They have made an announcement to state they won’t be making an announcement. La la land *;)
Harry is not the heir to the throne. He and his wife do not have to do things the same way as William and Kate. It is/was expected of the heir to the throne to be as public as possible on the birth of his offspring. I don't believe Meghan could make Harry do anything he REALLY didn't want to do. The only ones to be upset will be those saddos hanging around outside the hospital for hours on end on the due date.
Madness! madness! all women should have their babies in hospital particularly a 37 yr old woman with her first baby.
From purely medical perspective I don't doubt that you're right Sqad, but from their right to do as they damned well please they're right x
Absolutely agree Sqad.
They should put the baby first not their "wants". Plenty of other time to do what they damn well please.
Cali...then ignore hospital births at your peril.
Of course, final decision rests with the pregnant woman who in my opinion is not in an emotional state to make an informed decision.
She is the only one in a position to make that decision though. I wouldn't personally, but I hope she gets what she wants and it all goes well. She is going to be moved to hospital very quickly, if it's necessary and I don't know what equipment etc is being brought over for her.
I'm all for hospital attention whilst pregnant Sqad. I had excellent and rigorous attention and still everything went wrong for no apparent reason, if I had not gone the full on medical route then I would have perpetually blamed myself, as it is although sad I can say it was just one of those things.
I would hate anyone to have to harbour any self doubts about their child, especially if it was brought to term. x
so, this confirms that he/she will be of black origin with red hair???
Where she gives birth is her choice and I can't blame her for not wanting to appear in public a few hours later, but by refusing to announce the birth, bearing in mind she is already subject to negative publicity, she is not doing herself or her popularity any favours. The couple will soon enough court publicity when it suits them. She might be married to a royal but she'll never be 'Royal'.
// Buckingham Palace will announce when the Duchess of Sussex goes into labour, but not whether she has been admitted to hospital.

A second announcement will be made after the baby is born, when aides expect to be able to announce details of the baby's gender, its birth weight and the place of birth.

The news will be confirmed only after the new parents have had the chance to tell their family and friends, as was the case with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's three children. //

I'm not sure what the big deal is...they want a short period of privacy. Seems completely sensible to me.

//they want a short period of privacy. //

In that case instead of creating a drama they should have kept quiet. Give birth, tell the family, and then announce it to the public.
//Give birth, tell the family, and then announce it to the public. //

Actually, I've no doubt that's what happens anyway.
The 'drama' is most likely created by the media, not Meghan and Harry.

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