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Can't agree. No announcement - no drama.
typical media, trying to stir up something from nothing.
sounds normal to me, pasta. It's extremely unlikely the baby will inherit the throne, if there is one, so there's no protocol to be followed, and Harry may very well not want his wife to undergo the same obsessive scrutiny his mother faced.
The media isn't responsible for announcements from the Sussex's office.
They must do as they feel is right for them, no doubt they've been told that announcements have to be made.

Regarding the home birth, it was announced quite a while back that there would be an emergency team on standby and no doubt a private ambulance with the engine running.
Maybe they are indeed modernising things and are not going to thwarted, in which case don't see what can be done about it or indeed why they would really want to.
No, it is disgusting that they have to go on 'display' after giving birth and then she as happened with Katherine gets slated for what she is wearing and her make up.
Good on her for standing her ground.
They could of course renounce all the titles and money and go live in the USA(or even in the UK) in complete privacy.

But they choose not to. This pair are their own worst enemy, they court media attention then try to switch it off. It simply doesnt work that way and if you do then rumours abound. Which is what is happening.

MM does appear to be a bit of a madam and half wit well, nothing going on in there is there.
No, not at all.It's time they were left alone to get on with their lives as they see fit.
ymb, Absolute rubbish!
Just what part is rubbish?
And why?
This bit is rubbish,You do not know her personally.
//MM does appear to be a bit of a madam and half wit well, nothing going on in there is there//
It is none of my business and equally none of anyone elses business except the parents to be. As with all parents to be I wish them well and continue to have no interest in people I have never met and am unlikely to ever meet.
I have to say that after being in the public eye for a couple of years she comes across to me as a bit of a diva. You can take the girl out of celebrity land but ….
She is an actress. Do you think for one minute she would allow herself to look anything but perfect in photographs shortly after giving birth. She is calling the shots................
Perhaps the public and the press should ignore them also, period.

As youngmafbog says they court publicity when it suits them.
Oh deary me, drop the lion from the coat of arms and replace it with a Cougar!!

The times they are a changing

I like Harry and Meghan, but have to agree with ymb's second paragraph at 8.00.
"You do not know her personally. "

And how do you know that? You are correct, I dont. But you shouldn't make a statement without knowing.

Just why do I have to know her personally to know she is a bit of a madam. It is plainly visible from her antics and to be fair with her fantasy land background it is hardly surprising.

As for what is going on in Gingers head, well I'm afraid none of the Windsors are brimming with brains are they. And no, I dont have to know them to see that either.

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