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who is that little comment aimed at?
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The time to use the word deluded is after her apprenticeship if she fails - until then the word is redundant.
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oh dear, ladies please, some civility!
Your hopeful TTT.
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don't get me wrong, she's found a way of getting rich by posting pictures of her own April on social media, genius! I just don't think she's of the right temperament for the rigours of criminal law.
The thing is TTT she may have and her current personality could be 'fake' like playing to the crowd.
Ah yes the perfect person to be a legal representative.. someone who plays up to the crowds. She's a beg.
A very rich one!
She is rich, no doubt about that and fair do's for getting rich of the terminally gullible. At least she didnt defraud anyone or anything.

However being a brief? Yeah right, whether she is capable or not I'm afraid she would get laughed out of Court.
She'd certainly have to change her look.
Rightly or wrongly the problem is not just the look though it is public perception. She could do it but I reckon at least a decade out of the public eye before she became 'acceptable'. And I doubt that is going to happen.
//She's a beg. //

What is 'a beg'?
Spath talk, something negative I assume!
"a person who is a bit annoying, sucks up to people and pretends to be friends with people who they aren't actually friends with. they are usually social climbers."

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