Democracy, British Style?

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Khandro | 11:45 Thu 11th Apr 2019 | News
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Statistics from The Spectator, 'Barometer' 06/04/2019
How is the country split?

Votes in the referendum, Leave, 17.4 m - Remain, 16.1m
Constituency, Leave, 406 - Remain, 242
Labour constituency, Leave, 148 - Remain, 84
Conservative constituency, Leave 247 - Remain, 80
Region Leave 9 - Remain 3

Wait for it ;

MPs Leave 160 - Remain, 486


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//MPs Leave 160 - Remain, 486//

They were voted in after referendum, it’s like getting a sparky in to do the plumbing.
Just about sums things up regarding how out of touch those in power are with the country. Surprises me how stark that is though. Pity they don't have figures on those who approve of extending the uncertainty period time after time instead of delivering their promise, and those against it.
They were all elected.

Do you understand British democracy?
People vote for an MP in a constituency, not to declare Vauxhall part of the EU or for
Tewkesbury to leave it.
If we’re going down that road the countries of the UK were split 2-2 but that argument always gets rubbished here.
As I posted before, the Livefrombrexit website will show you how each MP has voted on all the key votes since 2017
Tewkesbury should definitely leave, in fact the further Tewkesbury gets from anything the better :/
Brexit means Brexit . When’s that then ?.
I like Tewkesbury but Channel 4 News visited once to ask the locals about how they thought “Brexit” was going and I was not impressed with their articulacy
it'll be bundled in with trick or treating, Anne.
12th of Brever...
"They were voted in after referendum,...."

Indeed they were. And, unlike the previous incumbents, 80% of those elected stood on a manifesto of implementing the result of the referendum. So not really a very good argument.
none of them has yet stopped the result of the referendum being implemented.
//So not really a very good argument.//
Argument About what?
//none of them has yet stopped the result of the referendum being implemented. //

A sense of humour is useful...
Voted in spouting stuff like...

Shameless, absolutely shameless.
I can't access that video Talbot. Is it on YouTube?
Question Author
Well what do you expect from an alien ET lookalike?
They were elected to represent the public view, not their own. If they go against the public view they need to explain what swayed them. If they don't explain satisfactorily they need to resign and hold a by election. Do you understand democracy?
Sorry, can't find it on youtube.
Not sure why you can't view it.
//MPs Leave 160 - Remain, 486//

The General Election was a year AFTER the referendum vote.
The ‘people’ who voted Leave also voted in the 486 Remainer MPs.

- The people don’t know what they really want
- Our First Past The Post Electorial System is broken
- The Country is in flux and does not know what to think from one week to another.

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Democracy, British Style?

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