22 February 2019

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anotheoldgit | 16:11 Wed 10th Apr 2019 | News
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22 February 2019

I realise that this is old news, but I don't think the case has been put before AnswerBank before.

/// "This is the first reported case of its kind in the UK where positive action has been used in a discriminatory way." ///

'Positive action has been used in a discriminatory way'???

How very PC, this was 'Blatant Discrimination' no matter how they chose to describe it.


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This should have been the headline.

/// Police force discriminated against white heterosexual
male ///
I think we should dismantle our police force and start again. This time leave out the PC correct brigade, and make less chiefs and more Indians.
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/// There was a thread on this. ///

Thanks Mam, that's AB's search for you.

I first checked but there was only one result, and it wasn't anything to do with this.
It is discrimination.

I was once turned down a secondment to the Hong Kong Police force because they were not accepting any more women. I was terribly upset about it but there was nothing that I could do.

But to be offered a job because I am female and not necessarily the most suitable applicant would be insulting - but I have no intention of finding a job so it won't happen.
I used 'Cheshire Police' as my search term because I remembered it.
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/// I used 'Cheshire Police' as my search term because I remembered it. ///

Looks like I gave it too much information for it's search, but having said that look what I came up with using your words?
Look what i found when I searched for Anotheoldgit Discrimination.
I didn't get just one hit, I knew what I was looking for having seen it before.
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Ah! that is kind of you Zacs, just goes to show that there is an awful lot of discrimination going on, and it's not all against the Ethnic Minorities.
That's not exactly my interpretation of the frequency and quantity of your posts on the subject. But, hey.
ZM, have you tried searching for ANOTHEOLDGIT Muslim?
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Not sure why you posted the same link twice but what is your point?

As you can see, that was more than ten year ago and I am here under the same name still.

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22 February 2019

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