Hang On, I Thought We Were Going Down The Ilie?

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ToraToraTora | 16:02 Wed 10th Apr 2019 | News
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It seems business doesn't seem too bothered about brexit!


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"Stockpiling by manufacturers ahead of Brexit helped the UK economy grow by 0.3% in the three months to February."
So it may just be a one-off 'boost' which won't be repeated
And will have consequences down the line when the stocks are depleted back to normal levels.
foo da Ilie - dat sounz terrible !

Ilie Nastasi- Kazi?
you cd cope with that by accruals
( charging for the goods internally at the time you use them and not buy them, yeah yeah technical Iknow)
but there will be an on-cost for storage ( per unit )
and natural wastage ( rot and rat eat)

and foo! let me assure you business IS bothered
and is now saying that certainty is of prime importance
either way
or is it khazi?
hi FF - khazi also means "judge"

isnt it used in that sense in Karry on ubba Khyber? - sid James et al
( not a very good word for 'qadi' which is urdu and arabic for er 'judge'

hey did you see the Beeb hackette getting mauled by the superannuated MP this pm 16 15
Hackette - so what if it is an act of parliament - you just vote in another one the next day
MP excuse me I dont want to rude to you but ..... [ then goes off his trolley]
a whole load of Farzy over khazi
This is a lovely example of BBC spin.
Take a little bit of good news but prominently emphasise the 'negatives' two or three times (in bold type - so that the mob can't miss it) before correcting it in the final paragraph.

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Hang On, I Thought We Were Going Down The Ilie?

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