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14:58 Wed 10th Apr 2019
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They should call it Alex and get over it.
Cake, or is it Biscuit?
That is absolutely crazy, mad, ridiculous. Anyway, call it a ginger-bread kooky.
toby ......tobe
You may call it frustrated
Some gender neutral names here:

I've known both girls/women and boys/men who've had the folowing names:
Kim (which I see isn't among the names in my link)
Sky (also not mentioned in the link)

Oh, and I almost forgot one - Chris ;-)
iawia .....I am what I am
How about Ginger?
I'm wondering what actually makes a gingerbread 'gender neutral being' different to a gingerbread man (or, indeed, to a gingerbread woman)? I can't ever recall seeing a gingerbread man with a penis or a gingerbread woman with breasts!
>>> How about Ginger?


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best (as here). 'Ginger' is used as a name (or nickname) for both men and women and, self evidently, perfectly describes what we're discussing here.

Now why didn't I think of that?
It's a bit sad that they refer to the gingerbread person as 'it'.

I wonder if this is how we'll be having to refer to people in future so as not to cause offence by assuming gender identity.

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I like the suggestion sandy lol

But ginger is a very good one also!

I think, if it's getting this pedantic though, why not scrap the person completely, and just have a round cookie?

Also, man = mankind doesn't have to mean male.
I interpreted is as they are not looking for an actual Christian, or first, name for it, but rather a noun to describe it.
^^^ I saw it that way too initially, Sanmac, but 'gingerbread person' (in the post) seemed to have got that covered already.
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A *** biscuit
Question Author
a non gender specific unconscious ginger biscuit shaped like a human
This type of thing is now getting rather ridiculous, they will be asking for a gender neutral name for a snowman next.

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