C O Y W - Racist?

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ToraToraTora | 11:22 Wed 10th Apr 2019 | News
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clearly we don't have the monopoly on the wonderful world of PC cobras!


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Just read that on the link in another thread, TTT. How pathetic that some find racism in almost everything we say and do. I'm so pleased that i can chant, "Come on you Clarets" in the knowledge that - so far - there is no-one of that hue to be offended. :-/
I rather doubt anyone is offended the DMV have made their rules and now struggle to administer them with any degree of common sense.
// monopoly on the wonderful world of PC cobras!//
oh yeah - um well - great !

is there a herpetologist ( = snake charmer ) who can tell me what this means sort of ?
or as 3T so often says - foo! what dat mean den?

and what is Coy-wa for chrissakes
Agree, mamy. I would imagine that only friends and family of the prof would know why he wants COYW on his registration plate.
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Wonder if the New Zealand rugby supporters have a similar issue.
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twopee read the link.
Next for hate speech will be saying you like Border Collies but have an intense dislike of Bull Dogs.
I didn't think 'Come on you [anything]' was an American phrase, so I'm surprised they attached any meaning to those letters at all, let alone something with racist connotations.

How did they know the W stands for 'Whites' anyway?

I think it's all getting a bit silly.

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C O Y W - Racist?

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