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That's actually sad to read - poor children.
That's awful, more because it means there can be no family learning or cohesion if a kid can't eat properly, look after itself and is not toilet trained by five years old.
"Diane Coughlan, a Labour councillor, said the borough had a lot of vulnerable families with a range of issues.

She said: "For many parents, school readiness is simply not a priority for them, so apart from simply sending a letter what other support will they be given?"

So what is a priority for them? It's about time we tackled the issue of unfit adults having families in the first place rather than moaning about the state not giving them enough support. Whatever your issues if you have children they should be your first priority. This is so unfair on the children.
Question Author
Sad indeed, surely the child has a right to be comfortable if nothing else. Toddling around for a couple of hours in a wet or soiled nappy is not condusive to his/her wellbeing. Nor is being in the minority in not being able to dress or feed themselves.
Very, very sad.
It brings a new meaning to pampered children.

A different world.
Looks like the parents will never learn then if the school is going to do their job for them. What is the matter with them that they can't see how embarrassing it is for their children. As others have said, poor children.
A thought, what happened to the parenting classes that David Cameron put in place when he first came to be PM? I know he got derided for it but it looks as if they are needed.
I vaguely remember struggling with my shoe-laces. Now I've gone full circle and struggle again.
It is indeed a different world - different to the one most of us on here enjoy. But it is not so isolated as some would believe. There are huge numbers of utterly dysfunctional parents around. They have absolutely no idea how to look after themselves, let alone any children they may produce. It is a product of liberal thinking and political indulgence and negligence. Nobody must be told what to do; nobody must adhere to the norms of society if they don't want to; everybody is entitled to the pleasures of life regardless of how feckless they may be; if you don't have enough money, just sit back and the people who are prepared to look after themselves and their children will provide money for you as well. We are reaping what we have sewn.
LOL Spicey. You should get slip-ons.
Barring some children with particular special needs, that really is not fair or acceptable. Particularly for the child. I don't honestly understand how it is something you could just "miss out". Surely helping your child become independent is quite instinctive?
My kids went to nursery and the nursery told me when they were ready to be potty trained.

Potty training only takes about a week if it's not forced on them.
I wonder, Pixie, is it a path to some kind of special needs status.
Beneficial throughout a kid's 'education'.
Lucrative for the parents.
"We are reaping what we have sewn."

Stitched ourselves up, so to speak.
I wouldn't needle the Judge, Dougie. You never know when you'll be up before him.
Bit late for April 1st.
No idea, spice. A misdiagnosis helps nobody though, especially the child.

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