I Think Turkey Should Be Fast-Tracked Into The Eu

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-Talbot- | 20:43 Tue 09th Apr 2019 | News
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New Judge - // So do I . But not before we are properly out. They can have our place. //

I was going to type exactly the same sentiment - you beat me to it!

Of course, if Turkey are required to pay our proportion of the EU budget, there may be problems!
Turkey did ask for the right of free movement to be granted to Turkish citizens in exchange for Erdogan's commitment to slowing up the exodus of refugees across the Aegean or across the Bosporus. In the end they made do with the money.
goodness are there two financial times reader on AB ?
anyway this one has a pay wall
Do try to keep up, pp.
I'll have you know Spice, I am gathering a posse of widows to hunt you down, some are a lot bigger than me.

Sorry T.
Yikes! I'd better avoid the Steradent counter at Boots for a while.
While I seriously doubt that Turkey can genuinely meet the financial criteria they need to clean up their act on human rights, elections etc before I`d consider them and probably get rid of the Erdogan fruit loop as well.
Question Author
I thought it was that parody account until I noticed the check mark.

Anyway, what is this accession he talks of? Gromit should have a word with him.
"While I seriously doubt that Turkey can genuinely meet the financial criteria..."

That shouldn't present a problem. If Germany applied to join the EU now it, too, wouldn't meet the financial criteria required for membership. Germany has run a current account surplus of around 8% for donkeys' years, falling from that level only briefly around the time of reunification and the 2008 financial crisis. The EU target figure is 3% and with the rest of the eurozone running a surplus of around 2%, Germany (via its membership of the euro and that currency being designed principally for the German economy) is largely responsible for stagnation in the eurozone and for the financial problems faced by the peripheral eurozone members. Other countries wishing to join the EU (and who would have to adopt the euro) would not be allowed to join whilst they save too much and buy too little (the cause of the surplus). But I would wager that Germany would.
Fast tracked? Is democracy a train?...………..That you get off once you have reached your destination.

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I Think Turkey Should Be Fast-Tracked Into The Eu

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