Cannabis Given Green Light

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spathiphyllum | 15:11 Mon 08th Apr 2019 | News
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"Police across the UK are given green light to let cannabis users off scot-free and suggest they get treatment instead of punishment"

It will be down to individual Chief constables to decide to arrest and charge, caution or warn those caught.

In my opinion, this means the law will vary depending where you are. I think it should be one rule for all or not at all.

The public need black and white laws, not this variability.


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This seems to me a bit like taking the pressure off an overloaded and under resourced force. One less thing to worry about. However I think they've probably been taking that line re cannabis users anyway for decades.
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I agree prudi, minor canabis offences (those not involving driving or sellin or public places) have always been an unnecessary strain on the police
they're probably trying to weed out a few of the less useful laws, maybe get rid of some of grasses; I hope they don't make a hash of it.

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Cannabis Given Green Light

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