Should The Government Now Be Looking For A New Islamophobia Adviser?

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anotheoldgit | 09:57 Sun 07th Apr 2019 | News
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/// Mr Asim’s past emerged as part of a Mail on Sunday investigation into the Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred, which advises Ministers and senior civil servants on measures to combat anti-Muslim bigotry and hate crimes. ///


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Thanks Zacs for supplying the link, that I completely forgot to.
No problem. Happens to us all.
Maybe close down the 'working group' and use the money saved for something a bit more important.
Like mending the roof of the commons?
He's also a trustee of Hope not hate

yes but they might struggle these are pretty standard views from TROP.
Yes.He has been rumbled!
//Should The Government Now Be Looking For A New Islamophobia Adviser?//

If they feel Islam should be made a special case – and I don’t think it should - yes, they should replace this man but preferably not with a Muslim. Another government advisor on Islamic affairs, Ahtsham Ali, appointed well over one hundred extremist Imams to prisons and co-authored a manual used to teach in prisons that describes Jihad as ‘one of the noblest acts’.
No, just abandon the Post. It is not needed and you will never find someone impartial to do it.

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Should The Government Now Be Looking For A New Islamophobia Adviser?

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